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Living at home travel guide: Jingzhou Tourism Strategy

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Jingzhou, in Woyeqianli, beautiful and rich hinterland and Jianghan the geometric center of the Chinese territory. Under the jurisdiction of Jingzhou, Shashi two districts, Gangneung, public security, the three counties and Songzi Jianli, the first stone, and Honghu City, with a total population of 6.4 million. Jingzhou, the State Council released the first batch 24 historical and cultural city, is a national outstanding tourist city, an important port for the Yangtze River, Hubei Province and South Africa an important central city and central China's industrial production base. Jingzhou is located in the "Lake Plain" center, numerous lakes, the city has more lakes, more than 30 acres, of which the first Great Lakes Honghu for the province. Jingzhou is the geographical hub of East and West, from China, "the four major economic development pole" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing are about 1,000 km, the unique location advantage, so Jingzhou a "triangle" and "Pearl River Delta," the two between the economically developed regions and the Northwest's most important transport hub. Jingzhou transport facilities, with things, and through North and South, "center" independence thick. Highway traffic. State Road 207, two (with Haute) Canton (state), such as Yue Expressway north to south; 318 State Road, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway across the thing, the main span length of the first in Asia, the world's second Jingzhou Yangtze River Bridge, will be Jianghan Plain and Dongting Lake Plain, as a single entity. Jingzhou has entered the country in 139 cities in the ranks of road transport hub. Jingzhou water transport through rivers and seas, 483 kilometers across the Yangtze River throughout. Jingzhou Yangtze River Hong Kong is an important port and the national first class port, the annual throughput capacity of more than 400 million tons of cargo, container storage and transportation capacity of 40,000 TEUs or more. Adjacent to the Three Gorges International Airport only 40 minutes away from downtown by car. Of particular note is that after the victory of 98 flood, the state invested more than 5.5 billion yuan of money, the implementation of the Jingjiang levee and the Yangtze Dike Strengthening Project, and now thousands of miles magnificent river bank has become a beautiful landscape of Jingzhou. Jingzhou is the province's second-largest talent-intensive, the focus integrated with provincial and ministerial level 7 Yangtze University, universities, national and 27 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 36 secondary schools, college students in the school more than 20 million people. Jingzhou old times, long history and splendid culture. Spring and Autumn Period, 20 on behalf of the Yue capital in Jingzhou, for up to 411 years. Warring States period unearthed in Jingzhou, silk, and the entire stone sword Goujian chime bells, all a reflection of the sparkling glory of Chu culture. Great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, "blockbuster" politicians Chuzhuang Wang, Chu-phase Sun Shuao name, etc., all the land from the historical arena in Jingzhou. Jingzhou is the birthplace of the three cultures, 120 back to the "Three Kingdoms", written back to Jingzhou 82. Three scenic spots throughout the city, 10.5 km long and well-preserved ancient city wall of Jingzhou, known as "End of rare South China bi." 1992 Jigongshan wengong excavated sites, identified by archaeologists as "the first, rare in the world." Jingzhou is the birthplace of the Chinese dragon culture, the annual "China International Dragon Boat Festival Jingzhou", has become a unique cultural goods Jingzhou spleen, an important carrier for further opening up and the city's grand festival of the people. Aerial Notes Blend of historical and modern - Jingzhou "Getting three things, each would like to Jingzhou." Child like to see the three stories, Gangneung ancient battlefield, probably ever since the ancient city of Jingzhou into memory. The first intimate contact with the Jingzhou 24 years ago. At that time the summer holidays, with the brother of a family living in Jingzhou Uncle Cheung. We often climb the gate battlements on the mound in the ancient city wall next to the tree cicadas stick to play in the water moat, to the museum to see the three heroes, weapons, sunset, flying from the walls pile of arrows in the dreams of young . From the air overlooking the Jingzhou, really a little time and space through the years, touching the taste of the ancient Chu Wenming. Jingzhou deep history and a vibrant modern blend perfectly together, people have mixed feelings really. Mottled ancient city wall, so you taste the vicissitudes of history at the same time, can not help feeling a long history of Chu culture; moat under the blue sky, telling people the quiet harmony of man the water; winding Jingjiang levee majestic, towering Crossing the River Bridge, demonstrate an open mind and tolerance of Jingzhou; row upon row of tall buildings around the city, a take a modern plant, as if marching to the excitement of ancient battle drum upload stride forward. Gloomy, when the armored cavalry between now become a beautiful modern city. From the ancient times of Jingzhou, is shimmering bright, rich and modern city to civilization.
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