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Today, the "international tourism island of Hainan Development Act (Draft)" to draw the Assembly's consideration, "draft" international tourist island of Hainan provides construction and development of basic principles: adhere to the further opening up, deepen reform, pilot, ring Environmental priorities, coordinate, strong island rich people, to ensure that international tourism island the correct implementation of the policy. Building an international tourist island of Hainan, can not do without a strong legal guarantee. In ecological protection and construction, the "draft" Governments at all levels should be determined provides ecological and environmental protection objectives, tasks and measures and organize the implementation of Facilities, the implementation of ecological and environmental protection responsibility system, the ecological and environmental protection into economic and social development of a comprehensive evaluation system and the leading cadres comprehensive assessment system. Existing buildings within 200 meters from the sea shall not be expanded "Draft" a sound ecological compensation mechanism provides for the establishment and strengthening environmental pollution control. Tourism development should take full advantage of topography, to maximize their mountains, water, coastal and island's natural state, to prevent ecological damage. New buildings and coastal resorts along the coast line of maximum water level is lower than the minimum distance of 100-200 meters, in principle, the existing buildings within 200 meters shall not be expanded. Tourism and shopping tax-free return policy implementation "Draft" regulations, Hainan tourism product development, construction, quality tourist attractions to promote tourism and the international quality standard certification, the implementation of duty-free tourist shopping refund policies to encourage the development of a cruise boat industry. In insurance, the insurance sector to encourage development of a cruise boat insurance, special travel insurance, comprehensive travel insurance and other products. Improve the travel agency liability insurance, travel accident insurance, the development of ships, sea freight, insurance protection and indemnity insurance Insurance business. To encourage the development of various types of cultural industries, organizing large-scale tourism and cultural performances and festivals; construction of sports training base; major sports events held abroad, the implementation of Guess sports lottery and the lottery major international events; specification The development of golf tourism and spa industry. Yangpu bonded harbor area and focus on supporting integrated Haikou Free Trade Zone, and accelerate the development of international logistics and bonded logistics, construction for the Southeast Asian shipping hub, logistic center and export Processing base. Rural collective land can be developed to promote tourism The protection measures, "draft" to provide that state laws and regulations in areas not explicitly banned, all to foreign capital, social capital and opening up, and the implementation of equal treatment. Establish a sound platform for investment and financing, the establishment of credit guarantee perfect body System, guide and encourage financial institutions to meet the province's industrial policy to give credit support to enterprises. To comply with the conditions of the enterprises listing and financing, and corporate bonds issued to provide guidance and services. In land protection, give priority to international tourism island land for the project. Steadily increase and decrease construction land to carry out the pilot and the independent development of rural collective construction land pilot tourism projects, and gradually establish urban construction land Unified market. Ensure that the landless farmers had at least 1 job "Draft" suggested that all levels of government should accelerate the construction industry meet the requirements of the development of Hainan specialized vocational training base, and strengthen employment skills training, creating job opportunities and improve the employment assistance system to ensure that every zero Job families, landless farmers and poor households have at least one family-age labor force. Actively support the province in line with the premise of general land use planning, the use of wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, garbage dumps, abandoned mines, remote islands and can utilize the land rocky desertification in developing tourism projects. Support the use of the stock of real estate enterprises to set up tourism. Island-wide broadband wireless network coverage "Draft" should be made to promote the number of Hainan, to encourage and support telecommunications network, radio and television network and Internet integration, the development of wired and wireless broadband networks, broadband wireless network covering the whole island, building covering the whole province Most of the waters of the satellite communications network. Support to promote e-commerce applications and e-government construction projects to upgrade major tourist cities, resorts, scenic spots and tourism enterprises of information technology degree. Establishment of the province's health emergency system "Draft" suggested that governments at all levels should gradually improve the province and the regional public health inspection and testing institutions, the establishment of sound health information network and monitoring systems to strengthen prevention and control of various diseases, improve the medical emergency Save the system, the establishment of the province unified, efficient sudden public health emergency handling system, improve travel medical emergency, first aid skills. The introduction of well-known medical institutions to set up branch in Hainan province, or medical institutions in cooperation with the medical services. Provincial social security administrative departments should take the initiative with the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to contact, establish and improve medical cost off-site medical billing system. International container liner routes to open up "Draft" should be made to cultivate and the introduction of large-scale logistics enterprises, to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign logistics enterprises, encourage the production logistics outsourcing, to promote the logistics industry. Encourage domestic and foreign shipping ports in the province of ships anchored; To encourage the world's leading ship management companies set up headquarters or regional home offices in Hainan, opening up the international container liner routes. Construction of the marina and the international cruise home port In infrastructure construction, "draft" proposal to promote the crossing, airport, railway, port construction, accelerate the construction of the cruise, marina, construction of the international cruise homeport. Opening of the trunk road connection between the tourist attractions and scenic channel. Support the development of new energy and accelerating the urban and rural power grids to support the oil and gas development and gas pipeline construction.
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