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Tai Mei 2011 Conference and the procurement of Qinghai tourism enterprises wil

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For the establishment of tourism enterprises and outside of the exchange and cooperation platform for horizontal integration between tourism enterprises, deep cooperation and common development and tourism enterprises of tourism resources, tourism, market share, December 8 to 10, the Provincial Tourism Bureau 2011, held in Xining, Qinghai, a large U.S. companies to negotiate and Procurement will travel. By then, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan and other neighboring provinces (regions) nearly a hundred tourism administrative departments, travel agencies, tourist companies and the province-star hotels, travel agencies, tourist areas (spots), tourism travel companies, tourism, catering, tourism, merchandise More than 350 tourism enterprises and other state (city) counterparts helping the tourism administration department of provincial and municipal leaders and representatives of tourism enterprises will attend the event. The event, designed to set up tourism enterprises in domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation platform to further strengthen cooperation between tourism enterprises, and promote exchanges, expand the "big U.S. Qinghai" travel awareness, strengthening regional cooperation, enhance self-development capacity, mutual benefit of tourism enterprises. By convention, a group can represent the discovery and mining tourism in our province, with the characteristics of the development potential of tourism enterprises, and strive to make our province tourism enterprises and gathering strength, bigger and stronger, to build a plateau tourism provincial and play of light and heat.
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