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Yunnan travel city (Dali)

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Yunnan travel city -- Dali is magical and beautiful, it is 44 sceneries of countrywide that the State Council announces scenic spot one of areas,
It is Yunnan makes an on-the-spot investigation travel sightseeing, scientificly, search deep and remote visit get the better of, recreational go vacationing the ground of the travel ideal that is an organic whole.
Sea of Cang Shan Er is a perfect pair, mutual reflect;
Wind,flowers,snow and moon 4 scene alone attractive; Lasting appeal of butterfly spring scene is boundless;
Grotto of treasure mountain of sword plain stone is known as Chinese southwest Dunhuang; Name of sufficient hill of Buddhist shrine chicken hears southeast Asia;
Lofty treasure mountain is labelled one of hill of name of 13 Taoism of Chinese; Chong Shengsi harships of chiliad of 3 towers all previous and heroic posture still.
Autonomous prefecture of Dali the Bai nationality is located in another name for Yunnan Province on the west downy, cloud mountain mountain range is on the west, the highland in another name for Yunnan Province is received east. The area makes an appointment with kilometer of 30 thousand square.
Be in early ancient, the Bai nationality first civilian " river pretty takes multiply in Er seaside haunt, created Er Hai Wenming. Chinese generation begins to install with Dali (Gu Cheng) the Xie Yu county that is a center, tang Jianna instructs country, the Song Dynasty is Dali country, 559 years it is center of Yunnan politics, economy, culture all the time. Southern and onshore the Silk Road of ancient time needs the road of classics, north connects the Da Saimao austral plain Tibet, become another name for Yunnan Province important traffic center is twisted on the west.
Dali, a your person is infinite and yearning, infinite resort of travel of Yunnan of accept as a souvenir. Local folkway is honest, hospitality is one big characteristic. The guest comes from distance, special reception you sit to the small courtyard of his home, some meetings serve a cup of green tea, let satisfy one's thirst of your disappear heat. And introduce very proudly to you, admire the flowers and plants of his home grow, raised goldfish please, the window case of antique building, carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Local folkway is happy to help a person, in the ask the way on the street, point to your direction, course carefully; Have other difficulty, what can help is certain endeavor to be aided, those who did not give help, also can tell you how to seek concerned mechanism, unit.
Will not pass the person of Dali, understanding Dali results from mostly two provenance, it is the novel of Mr Jin Yong, novel middle emperor as form of a address for an official or rich man " one result pointing to a god " pointed out the clear far mystery of Na Zhao ancient country, fetching attack by surprise coils far is thought of; 2 be 60 time " 5 gold are beautiful " sing great river north and south as " butterfly coin side will encounter " , the scene with elegant Dali also well known.
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