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Tea horse is ancient on the road the market that only survives- - sword plain Sh

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The temple enters block territory not only come to an end the ground withheld tea Ma Gu to pass the mountain area of all on the road ancient market view, still have still be in the culture of fresh buddhism of A Zha force of follow, Confucianist culture and folk of the Bai nationality up to now local culture, caused the attention of international society for this. Dr. Jacques waits for Swiss federal technical institute to write in evaluating a report: Sword plain is exclusive the center of a true white clansman, the most dynamic because of culture of its exclusive the Bai nationality place.
Reach on market of all directions market all around have shop of inn of cloister, ancient stage, horse, business, ancient tunnel, Gu Zhai the door, Gu Qiao, still preserving the past up to now the former appearance since a certain number of centuries. Wide street range uses flag pave completely, footmark is full of stains or spots, leave years vicissitudes of life. Erst, the tea Ma Gu that do business and forms the tea of the medicinal material that Tibet is here, horses, fur and Yunnan, salt main market. Walk into all directions street, as if a train of horses carrying goods before walking into hundreds years is flourishing, trade flourishs, the spatio-temporal channel that Buddhist sound winds around.
Promote teach a temple to promote teach a temple to protect an unit for provincial key cultural relic, it is the bright generation the Bai nationality that domestic these days puts only " A Zha force " Buddhist temple. Build Yumingyongle 13 years (1415) , protect an unit for cultural relic of key of level of the 6th batch of states.
Promote mural still is saved inside audience hall teaching a temple many 20, happy by Yu Mingyong of draw of Zhang Bao of painter of local the Bai nationality 15 years (1417) . Its style and " Dali country Buddhist resembles coiling " come down in one continuous line. In mural " south without fall Buddha of demon Shi Jia can pursue " , " 5 Fangfo graphs " etc, also do not see more in home. Its are artistic and masterly, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person, showed the painterly and artistic level of people of archaic the Bai nationality adequately.
Cabinet of third floor chief takes stage to be in all directions street east, only then build Yu Qing to take the place of. Downstage hind cabinet, the structure is unique. Upturned eaves folds horn, have 14 flying part. Ancient stage of this kind of mountain area, the whole nation is rare. Sha Xi was built in the past have cabinet of many 20 the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper, still have many ancient stage.
The house that temple of Europe open courtyard enters the equestrian boiler head that there is many relying on that drive equestrian rise to power and position on the street to build a shell (hold the inn that do a horse concurrently) . Ouyang Dayuan has distinguishing feature most, for 3 lane the compound of tradition of the Bai nationality of one a screen wall facing the gate of a house, have kitchen of gate, 2 the door, principal rooms, penthouse, little garden, small stage, stage, still have accessary stable. Build a lid to already had more than 100 years, but Gu Mao as before, fascinating.
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