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Dali Li Jiang travels

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Yearning long already Dali Li Jiang travels to decide eventually, a 4 people asked for leave to decide journey Zhou Wu to set out afternoon good severally. Zhou San receives announcement Zhou Wu suddenly to want to welcome boss and investor. So urgent that I discuss with the companion rapidly, the journey that decides them finally is changeless I this the following day the airliner of early in the morning is in Kunming assemble. Fulfilled eventually after many setbacks the following day airline ticket, can embark on a journey smoothly.
Early in the morning sets out smoothly from Hangzhou Saturday, airliner classics stops Guiyang airport. The hill that each garden garden spreads all over all round Guiyang airport is wrapped, show the landforms structure with peculiar Guizhou. Board the plane to reach Kunming airport very quickly again, at the companion connection is informed them after be born alive rich garden, the agreement is in doorway assemble, after a hour successful assemble, because time concerns,add me to be done not have not quite to artificial landscape interest into garden. The decision has a meal first, go afternoon pool of another name for Yunnan Province. The restaurant flavour that understands local color in one clear midday is admirable the price petty gain is visit a best meal. Eat a meal to go straight towards park of pool of another name for Yunnan Province continuously, overlook of look as far as one can of edge of pool of another name for Yunnan Province, of Chi Zaishan of 800 lis of another name for Yunnan Province foil below really momentum is extraordinary, stretch to the horizon. Just visibility is not very good, the effect of the photograph is not ideal. It is flat very inside the park, water of pool of another name for Yunnan Province already became green, mosquito craft aroused green wave to destroy beautiful scenery, lakefront is black smelly small ditch makes a person distressed more. Return the urban district to ramble subsequently the urban district, the line of rice crossing the bridge that dinner takes in famous bridge countryside garden but flavour has distinction of it doesn't matter with Hangzhou commonly.
For spare time we decide to take evening to go up the train of Dali, did not think of the train shifts to an earlier date half hours to arrive at Dali unexpectedly, ability is right now much at 5 o'clock, everybody sleeps sweet. Car attendant also cannot think of, did not broadcast ahead of schedule. Can wake a passenger up in turn only right now, everybody drowsiness is hazy and confused do not wish to rise. Get what car attendant keeps urgently to cry back and forth: Car vehicle should be gone to below or else be answered. Took so much train, such circumstance or first time are come up against. Gave a railway station, the day returns inky decision to go to station try to win sb's favor first Li Jiang's ticket, hurry to a station, the station has not begun carry out bill when at 6 o'clock ticket of try to win sb's favor. It doesn't matter is returned on this matter street person, the decision takes a taxi first go Dali Gu Cheng, connecting two not to wish to hit a watch to want 40 yuan. Find to be willing to make a list eventually arrived Gu Cheng adds return travelling expenses 25 yuan 5 yuan. Right now Dali day has not shined, in the sky issueing pluvial street not to have one person again. Have us only travel of a car in the street of of primitive simplicity on, whole Gu Cheng all the more quiet and quiet. To south the door gets off, south whole street outside the door has an a slap-bang shop to already opened the door only, can have breakfast in this only. 3 yuan of money wanted a bowl of rice line, did not think of to had tasted the line of rice crossing the bridge of garden of remote home village or town success the bridge. Right now the day already shined greatly, had a tourist gradually. We begin to set out enter Gu Cheng, the capital of Dali country and Beijing photograph are pocketter than can be model. Accident still in Gu Cheng discovery still has the officer of barback and file. Gu Cheng's building does not consider flavour of special Dan Yun pretty good, very clean. Gu Cheng's structure is very whole still can envisage at that time the case of Dali country. Cross central main street of Gu Cheng, abduct passes public house of foreigner street { a street has many foreigner } , take a car to esteem holy temple to treat 3 towers. See 3 towers decide God hill treats Er lake, sit the hill on cableway, right now rain stayed a day gradually fine, as height elevatory, dali ancient city, the Er sea with aureate extensive rice field reachs group of hill of far to all stop eye ground gradually, because be to go up,hill can keep only roll a head backward keep a lookout, arrived the summit is more beautiful certainly which thought of peak season shade, dou Rangyun mist is surrounded all round looking is a white only. Do not have method can downhill, return Gu Cheng on foot, a few countryside passed through to feel very pretty good in road. Knowing that day is go to market the person is everywhere on day or the reason street mid-autumn, be more near market it is difficult to walk. With in the morning quiet form sharp contrast, whole Gu Cheng was full of vigor, although the building of Dali has distinguishing feature as Li Jiang,this also is the reason that I like Dali, but the life form of more natural city was not destroyed, although have many tourist but the life of aborigines still is being withheld. Unlike Li Jiang hotel and restaurant bar and the small store that sell travel souvenir are inside Gu Cheng, although Gu Cheng is really pretty good,also do not have amorous feelings but always felt what to be short of.
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