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The quiet life of Dali double corridor

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Er sea resembles ear same, enchase the foot in hill of Dali dark green to fall. Person of the Bai nationality fishs in Er seaside agrarian cropland, will live quiet life 100000. In the village with Er coastal sea, have countless we are familiar but new old life. Cross busy another name for Yunnan Province traffic hub falls on the west close, had walked along tourist to be like knitted ancient city Dali, down Er sea one direction north, fold again eastwards, come to double corridor. When Er sea on the west of the bank next in move restlessly closing that twinkling scene of debauchery; The bar of street of foreigner of Dali ancient city is diffusing when all sorts of emotional appeal, the other people of the Bai nationality of Dong Anshuang corridor still resembles however before 100000 same, live ecru and pure and quiet life.   
Double corridor is in of Er sea east bank, back chicken is sufficient, cang Shan looks on the west. There are a paragraph of such words in the fokelore of person of the Bai nationality: "The god says, such double corridor is not quite beautiful still. Then, clear Er seawater turns in double corridor a turn, turn again a turn, trailing plants plants music and lotus music resemble two corridor, the will most beautiful scene between Cang Er deduces acme. Jade Ji island and small Jin Suodao, resemble a pair of tremendous and beautiful antler, graceful ground is extended into lotus music, lie between Er sea give a natural harbour. " the beautiful scenery of double island double music, let double corridor this name, was full of the imply of daydream making a person.
Of double corridor this advocate adore
This advocate adoring is the form of a kind of religion with Dali characteristic the Bai nationality. This advocate the protection that is village company is magical, be " this condition blessing advocate " , " this locality earth advocate " meaning, also the explanation is somebody " our host " . Of Dali this advocate adore only then at country of Tang Dynasty Nanzhao period, development arrives today, want the village that is inhabit a region of the Bai nationality to have almost only this advocate temple. This advocate adored object and content are mixed very extensively complex, it included the of all kinds deities such as divine Buddha, Bodhisattva, the Dragon King, liege, general, still have the heroic brave man in folklore, connect a knot in one's heart of a few big stone, tree, pig, dog, horse, ox to be able to serve as even this advocate adored object. So Dali folk has " 500 gods king " view. Play weighs somebody: Accept of Jian of bureau of Ba of hair on the neck of a pig of the Gang that press exhaust corrupts Chinese catalpa identifies Tiao of @ pa expostulate with to hang  yo! ?
Besides numerous deities, of Dali this advocate feast is very multifarious also. Different place has different this advocate festival, for instance this advocate birthday and so on. People can use fixed means in fixed time normally sacred oneself this advocate.
In Dali incomputable this advocate in feast, of double corridor this advocate receive send and this advocate temple fair has distinguishing feature very much, and the influence is tremendous. Of double corridor this advocate temple is located in Gong Shanya mouth, be close to Er sea. So the one big characteristic here is in namely Er is maritime receive send this advocate. Red hill this advocate of temple place consecrate this advocate for the Tang Dynasty the Wang Cheng of general of Nanzhao military affairs of Tang Jiang Li Mi, Wang Le mixes the defeat utterly between Tian Baonian Wang Lekuan grandparent and grandchild 3 generation. Be by consecrate this advocate hind so-called " emperor of about of bare male Ling Zhaowei " .
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