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Sheet drives annulus Er of great capacity

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The first day
Because the four seasons is the house of woodiness structure, so a bit not sound insulation, the odd world that adds me is located in the traffic thoroughfare of backyard of pass in and out, great majority foreigner has the habit of a person who goes to bed late, the position that I alternate the right shoulder that grew 3 flood bubble is on loose Ximengsai ceaselessly, the midnight after do sth over and over again arrives just falls asleep.
Sleep lightly abruptly in the morning the following day, discover already much at 9 o'clock, undertook intense psychology struggles one time indeed, do not want annulus Er sea even after all, if shoulder was affected serious. But stay in Dali indeed it doesn't matter is amused, especially to me this has gone for Guo Lijiang's person. Still go. The young lady asks when returning a house, today whether ride to dig color, unless ride very quickly,she says, can arrive only commonly double corridor. Doorway of the four seasons has the store that rents a car, carried a brake to return good country car, 10:35 start off. The bag sent in the four seasons, the big package that goes up personally probably many jins 30, do not have method, want appropriative photography fan.
From on the west city gate is squeezed in crowd of bustling go to market go out, went up another name for Yunnan Province hides a road. The plan goes first 3 towers look, again abduct arrives big beautiful highway is fond of continent visiting the Bai nationality civilian house, along big beautiful highway arrives on close. Zhou Cheng and butterfly spring are to did not plan to go, zhou Cheng is the place that travel decides a dot to shop, butterfly spring already became backwater allegedly.
Just left Gu Cheng, the ceaseless tower that has color of loess stands still in roadside, every look around to want to collect fees, also do not know to have what background. After riding more than 20 minutes probably, saw 3 towers, it is khaki, doorway parking lot is quite big, suspicion is 3 towers, but the 3 towers on the photograph are white, and the tower that encounters all the way is too much, thinking is base of such-and-such movie and TV, what hesitate none is ongoing. I just decide a moment ago transient is 3 towers after half hour.
Entrance ticket of 3 towers park is quite expensive, if you want to take famous 3 towers inverted reflection in water, seem to be returned so that buy a ticket to go to the inverted image park on the side additionally, the strategy of great majority thinks undeserved beautiful Qianyi swims. If post of those 3 khakis looks solely by the exterior, not worth really fare, look outside the wall by bike have to.
The sun is bigger and bigger, although just in March, downy sunshine is overwhelm, add another name for Yunnan Province to hide road prolonged disrepair, the car passes, dust flies upwards, still have did not achieve the stifling black tail gas that discharges a standard absolutely. Go to stop all the way, the road still calculates evenness, but the big package that carrying more than 30 jins on the back is a test absolutely to physical strength, rode very long, had not seen eastwards be issued to lower levels arrives the highway of happy continent, be full of a meter wide village highway. Midday at 12 o'clock, I rode an ability to generate suspicion to my. Draw near a bit, see the room of white the Bai nationality with a brand-new platoon, edge street is to buy completely plunge into caught store, ask ability knew to had ridden Zhou Cheng, happy continent passed early. Butterfly spring and Zhou Cheng of one wall lie between, say well and truly, the parking lot that Zhou Cheng is butterfly spring is adscititious travel shopping dot, can calculate " city " far from, it is the two white house of edge street merely.
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