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Rain swims Dali travel travel notes

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Dali is a carefree place, driving go issueing those who close a railway station all the way, see Dali, resembling is to embed an elfland in half way up the mountain, in the evening, below Cang Shan's shine upon, quietly special beauty. Still go next time the word of Yunnan, the Dali that has aristocratic flavor lives between on regular meeting flower a few climate. Unlike Li Jiang's flavour, only Dali just can have.
Very regretful, needed 2 days of time that be less than only in Dali, go without there's still time fine fine savour this city. And very not happen to, be in a Dali is the most complete day this, rain unexpectedly. Say to me with respect to hair message before the colleague, you are miserable, dali rains, 4 months come for the first time. True nowadays misty rain is hazy. Hear, the sky of Dali is very beautiful, want no less than rain only, the day is certain and special blue, alas, on booth, do not have method, when appreciate another misty rain Dali.
The famous landscape of Dali, namely " wind,flowers,snow and moon " . Next alleged closing wind, the flower closes on, cang Shanxue, er sea month. Hold the work in the same placing's blessing in the palm, here I must be thanked occasionally colleague GG, zhu De's classmate. It is delegate Dali people's true special enthusiasm with him, for our arrival, specially of his elder sister's husband does not go to work one day, opening a car to take us to go each tourist attractions, zhu De's classmate is accompanied all the way explain, appreciate so that I do not know to say what is good continuously. Because time is pressing, we chose a few main tourist attractions.
The first station went farthermost butterfly spring. " 5 gold are spent " person of film one's elders is very familiar, we these junior had not looked to also had heard a name, should be a place that lets person longing, but reality still is a bit disappointed. The doorway end up of butterfly spring everybody familiar to the ear can of detailed " 5 gold are spent " stage photo, it seems that this place at the outset famed because of the film, be recollected because of the happiness of the film nowadays and maintaining.
Be a big zoology park actually. Originally this memorial archway just is the first door of butterfly spring, but fall in economic influence now, the gate that need collects fees outside move nearly 1000 meters, buy a ticket not to say from the gate, expending bit of little effort to take gift even is depressed thing.
There is a butterfly house in butterfly spring, in Guilin I also have been to similar butterfly museum, the characteristic here is butterfly be work, chaos of full greenhouse ground flies, want caution on foot, must not not careful let some butterfly become the specimen. I wore the scarf that a yellow gives priority to, bring so that butterfly falls many times above, I wish this does not calculate " action bee is brought butterfly " , the child that I also am custom with a ha breaths out anyhow ~~
Go to again in go, be butterfly spring, call butterfly the spring actually, because,be annual before 3, between April, the butterfly of group can be in by the side of this spring on this large tree gather, the butterfly of group from above in pulling the water below all the time, friend name " butterfly spring " , can be time passes and the situation has changed, such picture also is done not have again nowadays, butterfly spring also be unworthy of the name or the title.
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