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Go Sharon seeks Dali view

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"Dali is good in March scene, butterfly comes to dress and make up by the side of the spring. . . . . . " come to here for the first time, the affirmation that you think of above all is this libretto. What there is a city here is blatant, it is fresh air everywhere, do not go even to such place on the weekend which?
Set out from the urban district, want about 30 minutes only, can see an entrance door that has the Bai nationality to build a style alone, a few vigrous and strong highest quality. Wall of spring of famous 3 towers, butterfly, wind,flowers,snow and moon illuminates Dali to be able to see here. "Garden of electric power science and technology " in amorous feelings of full-bodied the Bai nationality, dali the good view March is withheld was in this free one's own little world.
Besides the scene of the Bai nationality, can Dali place does not have particular strontium hot spring here. On the Diaoyu Island inside mountain villa, 5 conjoint open air hot spring, also be the one big safeguard that tourist removes exhaustion to have health here.
Cate also is indispensable of course here: Maize of chicken of bright Chinese prickly ash of farmer grilled fish, Sha, gold entices piece, liver of 7 colour yam, the Bai nationality is unripe, hematic clyster, the Bai nationality bakes a sheep. . . . . . It is a distinctive farmhouse cate. Match the fresh peach that plucks personally again, more other person hangs down ripples 3 feet. Chess card, go angling, swim, all sorts of K song, ball games, want your thinkable only recreational means, here has.

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