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Experience Dali, the flowers mirrors city gate

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Standing in both sides is Dali Gu Min resides architectural road to go up, oneself dare not believe to had set foot on the land with this yearning long oneself a little.
Arrived Dali just got off appreciated Dali adequately " night of wind beautiful snow " -- wind is very big, it is difficult to be blown so that the person walks, the hair blows the dance that get chaos, and the sun still basks in the skin to feel some are burning continuously. Just remembered Yunnan to forget to want to take different thing: Prevent bask in frost, sunglasses.
Another sees passerby, seeing me euqally when the extraterrestrial right now, feel puzzled, the friend saw me in the crowd, also attack Chi laughed, say: "Your look actor's costumes of your this body, so thick dress cannot be worn here, even if is to be in these days, in a year the coldest when also cannot wear eider down to take. " look around all around, really, the person that went up to nod age namely also did not wear my so thick dress.
Alas, who calls me to be in " Sichuan yip day " local life be used to, the warmth that never enjoys winter day sun! "Dali 2 words " is the holograph that Guo Mei is like carries a word
The flowers mirrors city gate
Contemporary vehicle crosses in both sides it is extremely the street of the structure that taxes ethical characteristic on the road, the bus falls from ancient city wall through, let what the person feels historical famous city and modern culture hand in collect, harmony was found in this Gu Mingju -- it is in that way of primitive simplicity is mixed peaceful.
After getting off pat suddenly, begin to regret batteries band became little. Still so much scenery wants to install camera, it is too many things to see really.
Not be travel busy season fortunately, the tourist to foreigner street is very few. At this moment, an old person that wears dress of tradition of the Bai nationality discovers in the crowd, pulling all over snow-white sheep, still fastening on Yang Jiao red silken, dress up beautifully, elephant wait for married bride. Look to know this is to pull a sheep to let tourist photographic, if do not give him money, be to won't let you and a so beautiful sheep reside take a photo as a souvenir in the Guming with this nation full-bodied characteristic.
Then, I open watch for an opportunity secretly, in front of them don't go yet, think a face about, had not reacted a close-up comes to this bellwether before coming over in old farmer. Had not carried the instant of good watch for a chance in me regrettablly, old farmer discovered my act, immediately to me loud shout, what to say to did not listen clear, still protecting a sheep with the body, fill me to exert all one's strength the ground places a hand. Small plot did not prevail, I am forced to look at him helplessly to pulling snow-white sheep to go far.
The souvenir that does not buy to Dali won't do is plunged into namely catch adornment to draw. In foreigner street, alling over a street is to buy plunge into those who paint adornment picture, the eating house of the Bai nationality with the store that still all sorts of monopolistic marble products, grass makes up special local product waiting for a name to taste and dye-in-the-wood gust.
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