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The footstep of the dream that Dali travels does not stop

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Yunnan, of Yun Ling south, this is a beautiful place, this is a moving land.
Before come here, issued not quite not small decision: Play each beautiful place of Yunnan!
It is after a month after enter a school 11, although be here,I return life land not ripe, but I or the viatic plan that insist to begin to carry out me. Above all, begin from Kunming periphery, went with 3 days of time Qu Jing, went with a day 9 countryside, my madcap plan was pulled open so prelusive.
Winter vacation comes over to want to be in originally set foot on itinerary, walk along time of stone forest, the water from a mountain that can miss Yunnan is in in the winter but not certain and amused, also cancel with respect to what muddled muddled understands.
Take as an elective course chose culture of Yunnan travel history also is I am the another big move that implements giant plan. Benefit a lot really since begin school, the Yunnan that makes me right blur originally added Anacreontic enchanted.
My heart before 51 arrival begins ready to do sth, searching Yunnan map ceaselessly.
Where to go to? Where to go to? So ceaseless inquiry is worn oneself.
Li Jiang is a pair of divine places in my memory, come to what I dare not go to extravagant hopes before Yunnan touch touch it, just the now and then beauty that is imagining it in the heart and halcyon, after coming to Kunming, still still put that is opposite of good thing awe-stricken. I want to wait, when when that condition is mature, when that lets all conditions have my body, I am close to it again, go touching it again. That is when, that is when the my good friend approach, his girlfriend Yi, girlfriend red that still has me gets together one day together, in those days, also be our earnest wish is old momently, how be charmed, often wear in my anxious in the dream call out that momently come quickly.
So, this, I did not think Guo Lijiang that azimuth, go in the consideration however stone forest or orange river,
Dan Lijiang's beauty always stirs in my heart, always be in urgent I, its little bridge running water, its Qing Bi is peaceful. Grind greatly lake of buy of snow mountain of dragon of town, jade, Lu, tiger jumps gorge, I am subconscious ceaseless call out is worn this each is indicative beautiful name.
Li Jiang's beauty lets me esteem. And Dali, yes, go Dali, I dare not imagine I have so bold idea unexpectedly, it is probably I am right after coming to Kunming good awe-stricken have no longer so intense before, can staying in Kunming probably had been a kind of feeling to happiness, one kind is close to, resemble taking an examination of get on an university to still want to study a kind of grinding nature, the everlasting desire with inherent place of a kind of person. I dare be in actually before they return approach to did not come, go with respect to the decision stealthily be close to it. I am contradicting, but the pace that reality can never stop me to advance, I decided, go Dali.
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