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The Dali travel travel notes of a tear below angel shedding

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Hear of Lu buy lake for the first time, it is the friend that travel loves from a few years ago over there, among them the nature with the deepest impression is rub shuttle person goes mysteriously marriage is consuetudinary. However, as a result of the cause of working strain, will a few years fail to visit Lu buy lake all the time, see its beautiful scenery, regret deeply in the heart. Before before long, in also can'ting restrain a heart again eventually yearning, stepped into the Lu buy lake in the dream together with a few friends.
Lu buy lake is located in county of peaceful Lang of beautiful river area to always could there be between rural area of wrong place of countryside and county of source of Sichuan province salt, be apart from 76 kilometers of peaceful Lang county, be apart from Li Jiang to make an appointment with 300 much kilometers. In the morning, we take the regular bus of peaceful Lang in passenger station of beautiful river center, fare 26 yuan, probably 4 many hours can arrive.
Our bus is in all the way dish of Shan Yueling, cross in abrupt gorge, hope to be less than the rows of mountains of hill of mountain peak layer at, it is cliff of lofty or bottomless at the same time, it is to appear suddenly in the Yang Qun a train of horses carrying goods before at the same time, winding and labyrinthian gold shows when the concealed when the journey that Sha Jiang also advances in us is medium. The house of roadside is the civilian house of characteristic of nation of simple timber structure of all of one suit almost, smoke from kitchen chimneys waves in the wind, old person child is leaning on wooden fence to basking, look at a driveway dimly vehicular traffic, a pair of carefree and content appearance, what enjoying big hill to be brought to them is easy and comfortable and halcyon.
Reached town of autonomous county of peaceful Lang the Yi nationality. Arrive at terrestrial elfland to be before the day is black -- , Lu buy lake. We wrapped a bun car a few times to set out to pass the jolt of 3 many hours about again, we arrived eventually. Look stayed -- , the lake water below the setting sun appears those who give a kind of softness is deep blue, silent lie in at the moment, slowly blossomming the quietest in life unruffled, in islands ornament lake, lakefront of divine hill stand erect... everything is the impression in drawing medium about dream. Nature of water of lake of the static buy that admire Lu is uniform in Yu Mingmei's sunshine, the song that remembers Qi Qin comes: "The lake water on the high mountain, it is to lie in the earth an apparently tear... " at the moment water of lake of this one side is an extremely beautiful tear certainly! What never had seen such beauty is laky
Even if be to had been browsed,1000 hill are mixed 10 thousand lakes, those who see Guo Tianchi is pretty, had waited for the sunrise of 1000 islands, had seen Niyajiala grand, had accompanied the sunset of 5 big lakes. But, attack when this one azure blue bottom of pleasant to see, I return be incurable to be puzzled.
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