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The rose of Dali travel notes is sweet

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The night of Dali, numerous star twinkles, the bright moon of round of round circle is in Er maritime sky, send out peacefully a downy ray.
On foreigner street of Gu Cheng, as before lively and extraordinary.
Blast has been blown, bring a light oriental cherry sweet. Those who do not have city is blatant, without urban loaded down with trivial details. On Qing Qing's flagging, show fully halcyon with auspicious. Copy is like peach source.
Walked into a bar at will. Simple style, the desk and chair of log. Send out everywhere a guileless like one farm garden. Below background music of rising and falling seven-stringed Chinese zither, light wine is sweet mixing strong coffee sweet. I sit down in the table edge that relies on a window, the glass with the window clean lattice of of primitive simplicity. Through one case the window of one case looks outwards, the oriental cherry of full Shu Yanli is in of moon stroke gently below, sway strange looks. Movie dancing is cultivated on green flag, beautiful shadow is brilliant.
Nodded a bottle " the rose is sweet " . Coming to Dali nature is to should sample Dali beer, the name because of it " the rose is sweet " I like to go up immediately it. The collocation of rose and wine, perhaps solicit comments is like the harmony of hero and belle. Its body is fundamental key with blue, foiling the liquid of yellow of the gold in bottle, alone station is on the table, as if old times Na Yichuang sits alone, the low collect beautiful eyebrows, woman that takes melancholy slightly, let a person bear not handsome think drink readily.
Open cap gently, weak soft rose is sweet tangy and come. The glass light pour that with clean get rid of appears a cup of wine, close an eye to be sucked deeply at a heat, those 7 minutes of roses are sweet 3 minutes of wine are sweet let me be intoxicated for an instant among them. Shallow close lightly readily, beautiful sweet wine is sweet come down overflow of the tip of the tongue again again all over, exhaustion is immediately devoid, enemy of all affection love hate all trouble are decadent, all is in this wine is sweet in disappear into thin air. Small lift goblet moon to be aspersed on goblet gently, cool breeze slowly, side side has Gu Qin's charm, have bright moon high above in the sky at the moment, horizontal stroke of shadow of the tree outside the window is inclined, the branch shakes Xie Wu, have the feeling that does not know to be in where personally unexpectedly for a short while.
This public house is not big, namely 5, 6 pieces of tables, right now already of in twos and threes sit full person. The nonlocal tourist with me also has native, although be as one falls of a mixes accent, also do not show however roaring, thick wine culture breath is shown fully in lively atmosphere. And I drink alone with respect to what a such people experience this foreign land silently mood.
Jog window lattice, face of cool wind stroke and come, taking 3 minutes of signs or feeling of getting drunk, the full tree that looks at street edge very beautiful flowers, fall everywhere red sign. Unexpectedly also if copy was entered " wine of the one crock between the flower " state.
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