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Lu buy lake that one clear blue

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The first be its beauty to Lu buy lake soon and shake, that is clear blue, enchase euqally like sapphirine over, let your be charmed silently, let you need screen to live breath just dare stand by it, for fear that one phonate is not careful alarm it.
Li of case village that I stay in it is the bay of a lake with Lu buy the most beautiful lake, lakefront an alley, close be next to alley is rub the building of shuttle person, the building is the log that uses place is mosaic, very primitive also very of primitive simplicity, have a kind of straightforward beauty, because modern culture is affecting this little village ceaselessly, every year a lot of foreign visitors visit this last daughter country, very much rub shuttle person changes his building into hotel, bar is below, accommodation is above, also some of foreigner comes to here, liked here to stay, the building that leases local opened hotel, bar. Each bar is putting music, decorate also have distinguishing feature very much. Sit in bar, hearing slow music, those who take spare time of leisure of a book look at, now and then look up the sunshine outside having a look at a window, sunshine unloads the lake water with wave crystalline light, in that way day is very far from city, very far from pressure, in that way day suddenly is like place oneself elfland, in that way place suddenly is like a haven of peace.
Come to this last daughter country, the romance that you also can't help not be it is infatuate with mystery. Till today, rub thoroughly reservation wears shuttle person to pass a maternal culture feature that receives era by woman husband and female, here, male do not marry, female do not marry, besides go in the evening marriage, the men and women does not live together by day, the meeting is lifetime live apart mother home hold together lover concerns, "Dusk adds up to morning to leave " , this is marriage be walkinged along by what outside common says, after should having the first child only, the man can go money to ask the person of feminine village to eat feed meal, this kind stealthily the lover concerns just gradually be brought into the public, two walk along the men and women of marriage to also be secured gradually. Also have the case of individual exception, because be in maternal and familial, influence is mastered by the female, some family men are too much, very few woman, for balance of male and female, also be chaired for the somebody in the home, do, can let a female outside go marriage to oneself the home chairs everything in arrange home. Be in rub in shuttle family, the child knows its mother only, do not know to give birth to father, as father, he need not him provide for children, although know oneself children, also do not have must the obligation of provide for. And the task that the uncle is loading the generation below male in charge of, as the uncle, he should take care of the children of elder sister little sister. So the men and women parts company, won't bring bequest to break up, the serious social problem such as filial provide for, also won't cause moral conflict. And the old person here, by familial member collective provide for. Here the old person passes very happily, because of them won't by abandon, here, dot passes very happily, because they won't grow in question family, won't live in brawl, cold war, they are happy, because each person in the family is,love them. If give him the environment of a love,I think dot is the heaviest, if everybody loves each other in the family, he grown in such environment is happy, if do not have love, the family of hold together of even if reluctance, of domestic member chill, estrangement, brawl, cold war, even if parents is in, in that way atmosphere is how old to can having again for dot benefit. In of case village there still is bonfire evening party in the evening, the evening party is every clique on the village a person will perform, final income presses poll average distributive, (the influence that here reflected everybody equality completely, no matter be equestrian, row or dance on bonfire evening party, it is every send a member to attend, final income presses poll by mayor average distributive) , the dot removes bonfire, their start dance comes, circle a circle to go round bonfire, steps is simple but light, strong. Rub the great interest that there was a senior a bit more beautiful girl to cause male tourist more in shuttle girl, consecutive flashlight is illuminated to her, in this momently scene absolutely no less than international stars, the loves the United States heart of male brethren is to be engraved here more expose without beyond ah.
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