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Of pink clouds south - Dali the thing of that one wind,flowers,snow and moon

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Leave edition offer, there is one to plant in the heart ineffable disconsolate. I think I still can come back, this is a magical land. Nevertheless in front the native place that has 5 gold flower. The childhood moment film in us " 5 gold are beautiful " the impression that leave is just as present popular star same, and the knight-errant novel that passes Jin Yong will understand the Dali most in present youth memory. Dali is I come the 2nd times, nevertheless that is a long time ago thing. The Dali in impression is very the small town of peaceful, have delicious rice line, beautiful gold is beautiful. As a result of Kunchu high speed road is in extend, so the road reachs his to go hard, arriving at Dali moment had been in the evening at 9 o'clock, whole town is enveloped in a frivolous pluvial mist, the very much multicoloured windmill on the street gives a person the sense of world of a kind of fairy tale, do not have a word overnight. The tourist guide announces to got up at 6 o'clock the following day, hey! Following a group is such! As tourist guide needle the cry of all previous awakes from inside sleep, push a window to see mist of a rain boundless and indistinct. Eat breakfast group person to be hurried to to dock hurriedly, still do not have a gate, see thickly dotted crowd is used from far and near, people is probably by " SARS " hold back became bad it is plural of a kind of newspaper rebounds completely, and all hurry-scurry cannot deal with all travel departments. Good after an ado, crowded went up a boat. But all people are impossible to be squeezed on board,hair drier gets wet in the rain! And all rooms on the boat are to mark a price a when sell after with a bang been grab, the wretch that remain can go to school in board only " Taitanni customer order " . The travel of Yunnan is in these year of development is very rapid, but what high speed development brings necessarily is the competition that does not have foreword, confused order, low service, and all these buries the hidden trouble below to Yunnan travel erupt when it is certain to can be being accumulated only, the good reputation that Yunnan travel is accumulated for years can be destroyed at once, and this also is the old road that a lot of places had taken. Hainan should be lessons drawn from others' mistakes, hainan travel makes reputation of countrywide travel market now after experiencing a high speed to develop the smelliest, a lot of people like Hainan very much actually, but had not quarrelled in Hainan, had been duped, had sufferred those who cheat to have hardly, they won't come the 2nd times, do not cross what Hainan also thinks to connect, their viewpoint is 1.3 billion population of countrywide, one person is cheated enough. The boat leaves dock to sail eventually to boundless and indistinct Er sea, er sea is Yunnan saves lake of the 2nd big fresh water, yunnan person realizes after losing poll of an another name for Yunnan Province resource also is a kind of fortune eventually, will this discover last pot and powerboat cancelled entirely. Nevertheless the water of Er sea appears or do not have clear before, seeing bearer should be the biggest Hun. A person sits in cabin, whats can think whats did not think, the water that hoping misty rain is boundless and indistinct is bemused. I think this also is Dali another flavour. The place of this wind,flowers,snow and moon suits two individual romance very much actually, if not be so much person. The feeling of Dali ancient city had been commercialized right-down, nevertheless the smoke crock of marble still is worth one belt, but want those who notice unscrupulous merchant will have flaw to hit dried meat pretend to be, in home travel should notice battle of wits fights brave at any time. How a tired word Oh! Do not cross Dali ancient city or be worth to recommend! After all this is one is full of envisage the town with legend, on the belt one " day dragon 8 " stroll in the city of a such wind,flowers,snow and moon, therein flavor, because of the person different!

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