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The brigade of Yunnan: World of Dali wind,flowers,snow and moon, sky

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Come to Yunnan Dali eventually! " return Zhugege " Li Xiaoyan child in their heart " ethereal world " . We took the train of one evening to just arrive, although noisy and confused of railway station voice, but I still can experience Dali that is halcyon and auspicious. Ah, this is Dali. Eat breakfast, we head for Er sea dock to see Er sea by ship all right, we ascend on one the name says " starfish date " You Lun. Not a little while, as deafening plangent, "Starfish date " slowly started. I hurry from outside cabin running inside cabin, helping this beautiful picture scroll before baluster looks at an eye up: The elongate with the Er boundless sea of vast dark blue is worn, the Jin Hui of the sun mirrors on azure offing, optional like broken gold ground scatters, wave light is crystalline; Nearby the cloudily on boundless and indistinct dark green summit, a few Bai Yun lie gracefully on half half way up the mountain, the cloud that floats between hill according to guiding this plants go about selling an idea is memory of people of the Bai nationality is medium " auspicious cloud " , lightsome like jade belt lovely; Farther place, I am returned can dimly the shiny green field of make out stretch to the horizon, a building of snow-white the Bai nationality of a build by laying bricks or stones... look up, the celestial sunshine of azure blue is beautiful, become an interest with the Er sea set each other off of same azure blue, form " sea nature is uniform " scenery of charming and gentle, instantly I feel suddenly, the day is leaving us is such close, as if to stretch his hand to be able to be felt get. Looking at the scenery of this intoxicate, I think, this is " Shan Zecang basket base is emerald green, sea criterion half moon delays goal " ah. About Dali, of the most fetching daydream is 4 words: Wind,flowers,snow and moon. Those who point to is -- issue Guan Zhifeng, what close on is beautiful, cang Shan's snow, the month of Er sea. The term that just knew this exceeding beauty when me is when coming from Dali unavoidable some are amazed. Allegedly, the tire of woman of the Bai nationality, agreeing without prior consultation " wind,flowers,snow and moon " 4 scene. The high Bai Bian on the cap, be " Cang Shanbai snow " , tassel is represented " issue Guan Changfeng " , ornamental design expresses " on close camellia " , and the modelling like the moon, nature is " Er sea bright moon " . Sad thing, will this to Dali be worth midsummer, not be the season that camellia blooms, cang Shan's snows also melted, besides is a become known day, admire wind,flowers,snow and moon without the predestined relationship 4 old wonderful view, helpless, also be forced to see girls of beautiful the Bai nationality a few times more, the trace that finds a few wind,flowers,snow and moon from their tire. I am taking   DV east pat it is good to was patted on the west a little while, an isle that still is above Er sea -- on island of Nanzhao amorous feelings full the local customs that sees Gu Guona instruct, stand on the landing stage of edge of the beach on the island, stop gaze at, sea audition Er is surging, watch Cang Shane to high, really extremely satisfied. Through the excursion of 3 hours, you Lun wants draw close the shore eventually, "Starfish date " go up lad of girl of the Bai nationality people, blowing suona horn to beat a drum at the same time, the ethical song that singing the Bai nationality at the same time leaves to us, we unloaded a ship, the departure of be reluctant to part with Er sea.   eats lunch, we without a stop is driven toward butterfly spring. The town of military importance with the oldest Dali of by way of is fond of continent, arrived " 5 gold are beautiful " of Li Apeng and golden flower " old place " butterfly spring. Butterfly spring gets a name because of butterfly. Hear of summer of every the beginning of the year, by tens of thousands butterfly flies from far and near, flutter in fontal side all over the sky. Butterfly be like hand greatly, small be like copper cash, countless butterfly still are hooked sufficient need repeatedly, photograph of from beginning to end is held, one string strings together the ground to hang down from that individual plant is old and vigrous silk tree by the side of the spring hang to surface, multicolored, colourful is marvellous spectacle. This is caught as a result of the serious aggravation of zoology environment and excessive in last few years, even if annual the butterfly April 5 meets the traditional Chinese calendar, "Sort out of profusion sth resembling a net, multicoloured shine like that " picture already not answer see. It may be said " butterfly is gone forever, the spring emerges 1000 carry empty leisurely " . What   makes butterfly spring famed far and near nevertheless still is a few years ago that " 5 gold are spent " , tell the truth, I had not looked, but listen to grandfather grandma to had been told, this is one tells about the Bai nationality the love story of young men and women, once touched generation person. Cherish sciolistic to it and yearning, I am picked up rank and on, reached the butterfly spring below dark green foot of a hill eventually, 5 copper leonine in the mouth, spring of gurgle outward and gushing, a lot of tourists cluster round before lion of these 5 copper, I am good the place that squeezes spring not easily to flush, receive with the hand, an icy feeling emerges immediately my mind, spring already cool and refreshing clear, chasteness is good like the love that perhaps spends as the A Peng in film and gold. Leave butterfly spring, we head for Chong Shengsi. Enter the door comes, face Cang Shan, down ramp slowgoing and row, below La La's sky 3 cloud-kissing towers stand erect silently standing. Silver of 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, engrave asperses Xue Luan to nod Cangshan emerald greenly to stand erect ever since; The Er sea of black of 10 thousand just, horizontal skilled labor embeds great waves at before. 3 towers vessel stands erect, maintain ground of day lean on a stick; Jade column mark is empty, vigorous and firm and gallant, for one of wonderful scenery between Cang Er. Be like 3 gigantic pens, adorn Gu Cheng more gallantly. Really " resort mark 3 towers, ghost of surplus figure secret is versed in. "   visits Chong Shengsan tower, the last station of the travel that we come to to Dali -- Dali Gu Cheng. Existent Dali ancient city is Ming Dynasty scene. Outside male be intelligent without seeming so, marketplace is peremptory, street freely has send, it is typical chessboard type overall arrangement. There is the main street that always wears north and south in the city, street edge has all sorts of monopolistic marble product, plunge into catch, the eating house of the Bai nationality with the shop that grass makes up special local product waiting for a name to taste and dye-in-the-wood gust, your person is dazzling too many things to see.   at this moment I see the thing like an old grandma is resembling dough in scamper, move close to look, so this is Yunnan 18 strange one of " milk make it sells piece pieces " fan of the breast that bake! I bought a string, after old grandma helps me bake good breast fan, still help me brush a thick rose sauce, of my too impatient to wait tasted, just understand lacteal fan spoken parts in an opera is goat cheese, do not cross me this or first time eat put on chopping board to bake the cheese that make, bite rise crisp crisp is fragile, glibly is the fragrance with fragrant cheese, plus sweet rose sauce, flavor is very unique. I such, having fan of appetizing the breast that bake at the same time, admiring the tradition of the Bai nationality with roadside refined of primitive simplicity at the same time civilian house, although Gu Cheng is ancient, have however current most modern high-tech serves an item -- Internet bar. In the heartland inside the city, one is less than 100 meters old street, the Bai nationality that two side are a model completely civilian curtilage, the small storefront of all of one suit, may see foreigner sits between center of store of antique of the bar of style of each district of inn management world, cafe, craft, clothing, massage service center, business affairs, internet bar. There is the lamplight of romance soft beauty in nightly candle power bar, what no matter the people of China and foreign countries is carefree and slow,the ground is enjoying Dali to be provided alone is quiet static beauty.   colour of sky is late already, we returned the hotel of Dali. Although journey of this day is very close, run to run very painstaking, but I feel tired not at all however, let me feel however the beauty of Dali, I know small swallow eventually what why they are willing to abandon palace is costly live and of one mind is yearning the Dali of the move, this the travel of Dali lets my enough believe, she is beautiful Huan of an United States annulus really " ethereal world " ah!

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