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Encounter on road of Yunnan Dali people raw ingredient lives

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Reach destination of a travel, if time is limited, be inferior to flat: The material with dinkum or, dedicated inn of make friends of a place or sample cate; Or is real spirit, go to this place having romantic charm most, have amorous feelings place most. The one part that in travelling oneself, likes most develops acme, actually such already worthy trip, reach every aspect of a matter may be kept constantly on the run -- this is this year home " brigade is slash " the new position of edition, play more deepness, topic is more specific, want to leave deeper mark over. To Dali, by bike annulus Er sea swims, pedestrian You Cangshan spends knapsack pasture dam, get into bar and stranger god Kan... which kinds of folk-custom amorous feelings that plays a law to you can reflect local former taste most? Have, ramble the people road of Dali! Tell about a person: Reporter of   of Tang Chao, ever carrying camera to take each domestic corners, "Record the thing of others, the life that abounds oneself " be experience of substantial to oneself travel is incisive and wraparound. Tell about content: The street people road of Dali ancient city, here can clear sense is lived by local vacuum. After arriving here, meet surely indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty, want to hire a house to live all the time. Fresh breath blow on the face and come the people road of   Dali, street not flourishing, it is worth while however fine fine savoured one place place. Shop of booth of of all kinds got together here, sell fastfood, those who open variety shop, those who open barber shop, sell a flower, open hotel roam to come to alley end from street, you not only can feed oneself an abdomen is round, and raw ingredient life of place also is shown before you without involuntary discharge of urine. Rise in the morning, recommend you to go among people road inn of positional steamed dumpling eats dumpling of on one drawer, taste is good, the price is cheap also, just money of 3 5 wool. The old name Yang Ji that turns to people road and business street have a common boundary again at this moment breeds fan shop has distinguishing feature of a string of place fastfood fan of the breast that bake. Lacteal fan suckles make it with the sheep, individual taste can be pressed among spice differs on besmear, for instance strawberry sauce, condensed milk, chocolate is waited a moment, the proposal dips in on rose sauce of place, hold out distinctive, flavor is sweet, there is rose segment or section inside, taste send out a full-bodied rose is sweet, very get a girl chase after hold in both hands. Sauce of this kind of rose just has Dali so that sell only, there is the store of sauce of a monopolistic rose on people road, if liking, can buy a few bottles to bring back Beijing more. Continue, can see Fu of a pair of an old fellow like me sells stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup in roadside, delicious content abounds the stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of their home again, egg of on two earth is hit to sell 5 yuan of fund only in a bowl of big stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup. Every arrive towards evening, a brother always can be in integral point when those who pushing a car to come out to sell ancon of pig hoof, pig, chicken ungual and so on is fastfood, see he need not see a table you can know is at the moment when, he is pushing a car to sell a street remaining part from street, stop in market opening to continue to peddle next, these things that he sells are very popular. There is a grain oil on the street shop front is very interesting, there always is one caboodle fine dried noodles on ark face, close those who be next to is a pile of egg, merchant is old gentleman of a bareheaded, change of days of whole business suit walks on the ground to dress up very spirit, you see him every time, he always reads newspaper sedulously in bar edge, that pose appears forever changeless. Change the people road of Dali of   of leading role of life of body raw ingredient is a rhythm is slow and orderly place, be full of freedom and quiet breath, the people that the life is here resembles is the character on Thespian arena, trustily of their day after day is acting his part. Time everyday on the road the crowd that can have taken differ, the much that has walked along an ave in the morning is the local common people that carrying a large bamboo or wicker basket on the back, midday is Dali counteracts 4 medium students to placing book to had gone hurriedly, the artistic youths that go up in this street to dusk stay at home idle come out in succession, there is painter musician poet in them, or guitar is played below eave, or drink in bar, or the book reads in bookstore. If you come to Dali, might as well also blend in local life, do not need you a long time to be infected with a suit honest amorous feelings.

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