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Selected readings of Zhang Chang work

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Selected readings of Zhang Chang work

Editor's note: This website begins from now, introduce the work of Zhang Chang of writer of famous the Bai nationality will nonskedly to netizens. Be in early last centuries seventies, zhang Chang namely with a maiden work of its short story: " empty Gu Lan " obtain the whole nation is outstanding 1979 short story award (hind bring into award of Lu Xun literature) , after this its short story " the greenery of the hope " , " last bodhi " , novel " the sun is cultivated " divide again obtain 1981 the first, 1995 the 2nd, 1997 award of the 3rd courser. Zhang Chang heretofore already was in people literature press, writer press to wait in the center of reach local press to publish poetry, essay, novel to wait for 18 kinds. The author of department of two short story that introduces this is published in in recent years " Yang Cheng evening paper " those who go up is new make.

Zhang Chang thinks the novel is taletelling, his novel plot sex is very so strong, depict of environmental depict, character all is in of the story in telling about, finish. See our country traditional novel is opposite not hard the influence of piece of long novel. Feng Mu of famous literature essayist reachs writer Wang Meng, Jiang Zilong, japanese early riceCropland universityProfessor: Mu Tianying is second-class had had special comment to Zhang Chang's novel.

But Zhang Chang is given priority to with prosaic creation now, he thinks: “ wants to understand a writer, had better read his essay. ” is this, we are special the prosaic collect from him " experience memory " be chosen an essay 3, in order to provide dinner for reader.

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