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Get down this sear rose

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The eye that Shang Zhen discovers to that boy is staring at her had not been blinked. If Fulangsuowa's look resembles fire, so the ability in the eye that the look of this boy is those simple kindness girl sees a gotten autumn water. Had seen when she is first awakening of love. These year people wears sundry mask in succession, also do not see again almost. Asing if is to be in the market that fake floods, saw what come from Shan Ye truly is pure natural green food, she produces a kind of desire that wants to sample ineffably.


Shang Zhen decides to write the 2nd book. This will be the novel that containing autobiographical character originally is not biographical literature completely. She wants her rich and colorful before half a lifetime shows before the reader: Famous brand university is graduate, engineer, the old hall assistant manager of snake of hotel of 4 stars class, manager of foreign capital company, it is the traveler of a circumnavigation next, by fluent English, resemble 3 Mao Na kind, a person roams freely all over the world. She goes to those who cross romance Paris, the London with hazy rain, the Jerusalem of in a extremely dangerous state. Still witnessed palace coup …… even in Jiademan

This novel heroine that writing has the sign of herself, and male hero is one calls “ Fulangsuowa the French man of ” .

That is man of how handsome a France! 30 come year old, all over the sculpture that muscle resembles Luo Dan, the moustache of cheek of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy that appreciably clip crosses makes he fills Yang Gang's air. Become in her the day of old hall assistant manager, this France man carries a bag on the back to walk into this hotel chicly, very fast the good impression that he earns her with respect to the strong and handsome, breeding with him and that congenial temperament. The most comical is one day midday, he unexpectedly with a kind very the means of · grace that lovely United States old fogey does the manager —— the Boeing aircraft company that will be made an appointment with with governor autograph on a special trip of sour, must leave courteously finally. She and he has how many story ah …… remembers these detail she does not stop itch to show one's skill. Then, those pasts, those sceneries, those characters, those emotional in a steady stream are poured out of from her finger tip ceaselessly, in computer screen
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