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Dali tower culture

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Ancient Tower
Tower, call tower mother-in-law float Tufotu again etc. The Gudaduo of Dali is the annexe of cloister, it is built as the build of Buddha temple, appear the earliest at Tang Song period, be like 1000 search tower of temple of tower, Fotuda, Luo Quan to wait. At this moment buddhism is in Dali area very flourishing already, at the same time industry of national champion of Nanzhao, Dali already developed certain level, economy booms, ample financial capacity, material resources uses long temple to build a tower. The appearance of Dali ancient tower and southeast Asia the tope widely different of all countries, and tower of as small as Xi'an wild goose is similar, the Tang Dynasty that is a model builds a style. But the nation that it has itself again builds characteristic, tower layer is even number more, the each place scale of the tower is appropriate, make careful, whole tower line is downy and fluent, very grand. Old times is fabulous Longwei roc bird, cat head much buy has roc redpoll, folk calls golden pheasant. Went more than 1000 years, these ancient towers still imposing stand erect, this reflected the wisdom of archaic working people and masterly building skill adequately. At the same time ancient tower still is historical testimony, prove Dali is having long historical culture, it is ancient time of the Chinese nation of bright culture partially.
Bright, quiet period, dali still built a few towers, the Dong Zhenlong that be like the sea tower. Tower of white tower of Feng Yigong hill, ancient Buddha hole, Pu Xiansi double tower, among them majority is to press down the wind water tower that dragon divides flood and builds, already was not tope former justice, and dimensions is lesser, some already was destroyed without put.

Common of Buddha graph tower calls anguine bone the tower, before be located in temple of graph of Buddha of village of suburb village rising tone. According to bright 10 thousand all previous 3 years (1 575 of the Christian era year) what establish " repair Fotuda to write down again " epitaph account: 20 lis of this world austral “ Dali city and [U (Namely setting sun peak) the foot of mountain, right have a temple, the name says Buddha graph temple, there is a tower besides 13 class, build the grand sight that with answering Buddha pursues also. ” from this knowable, the official name of this tower is ” of tower of “ Buddha graph: Why does folk say. For anguine bone tower? What circulating in the folk of the Bai nationality all round Er sea child of a Fu all knows is fabulous: South a python went out in sea of the Er when billabong, xing Bo makes wave, flood rural village to abandon. Fokelore has to be called the hero of folk of the Bai nationality of paragraph of bare city, determination rids the people of the evil, ligature knife holds a knife to enter water, in fighting, be swallowed by boa inside person abdomen, he takes advantage of a favorable situation kill boa, he himself also sacrificed. People to commemorate him, anguine bone cremate, built a tower with mud, call “ spirit tower ” , say again: ” of tower of “ snake bone, it is paragraph of bare city building grave of clothes and hat. Clever tower draws near still repair child temple of a clever tower, the address is in below equestrian ear peak inside mountain stream of treasure forest village, tower and temple all are destroyed already do not put. People to mark Duan Chi city, the Fotuda that issues hill calls anguine bone tower, nearly hundred years all the time follow up to now, because of this folk a lot of people, know to have anguine bone tower only, do not know Fotuda however.
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