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General temple

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General temple falls in peak of setting sun of dark green hill, leave next closing the urban district makes an appointment with one kilometer.

The building of music corridor booth of of primitive simplicity, the horizontal stroke is circled all around, before temple, big blueness of one individual plant is cultivated, sufficient want 6, 7 talents but so big that one can just get one's arms around, the branches and leaves of break out, far the hill package that sees still be like a green, waterfall flies to hang down after temple have diarrhoea, cooling spring, circle temple and pass, temple is enter 2, advocate the hall draws near closely Cang Shan, model one day the battle of treasure, before dragon end closes answer the Chengdu that did not have horse and foot leaves Hou Limi to resemble. Fabulous, the big blueness before temple is cultivated, it is the weapon power that Li Mi battle broke, chasing after of arms pursue and attack below, li Mi escapes to setting sun peak, interrupt the hand the handle to insert the ground to go up, later Li Mi die in the last ditch, break a handle to spit give out greenery, blossom large tree, temple is built for this.

Annual the traditional Chinese calendar was general temple fair on August 15, ancient play of an arch over a gateway. On the stage, sing play of another name for Yunnan Province, gu Le of spiccato hole classics, lively and extraordinary.

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