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Du Wenxiu handsome government office

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Shuai Fu namely government office of Du Wenxiu marshal, be located in inside Dali city revive south the road paragraph, cover an area of 21510 square metre, south Yuan Weiyun prefectorial government office, only then build at Qing Kangxi year.
Qing Xianfeng 6 years (the Christian era 1856) , the every nationality people that gives priority to body with the Hui nationality turns over uprise army clear to capture Dali, 1 7 day built political power in September, was in on September 25 south v/arc drill ground builds platform, each chieftain pushs uprise army do obeisance to Du Wenxiu to be generalissimo of presidential military forces. Change prefectorial government office to be marshal government office, build the temple before having, hind hall two courtyard, set midday door, build the emperor station, li Danchi, build have slant hall, north and south spends hall. The setting has hall of discuss official business, military plan to be in (Bai Hutang) , living room, the room such as room of study, guard, storeroom is abandoned, make its become the building community with baronial dimensions. Du Wenxiu returns compose couplet hung on the columns of a hall is pensile at audience hall: Inherent hero turns round Central Plains world; The ground gives heaven and earth of hero tear Hu Er. ” Shuai Fu all around build have high fence, set battlement, all bricky stone build by laying bricks or stones, common calls “ Forbidden City ” . Qing Dynasty treats 11 years together (the Christian era 1872) , after uprise fails, shuai Fu builds greater part to tear open change. Arrived smooth mood undertakes 10 years building again, still be Yunnan prefectorial government office. When the Republic of China, serve as early or late vacate (strong) big (manage) Division abbacy, hunan (male) big (manage) division abbacy and another name for Yunnan Province on the west place where troops are stationed of division abbacy headquarters. 1987, according to historical data account, press pattern of marshal government office progressively rehabilitate hall of discuss official business, the city wall austral Bai Hutang, violet inhibit gate, gate, study and Forbidden City, whole structure position is precise, strewn at random have send. Established Dali city museum 1987, display office area 1404 square metre, cultural relic showing Tibet many 2800, basically have the stone implement that place comes up out of land, crockery, bronze ware, china, jade article and all sorts of stone carving, jade carving, woodcarving, calligraphy and painting. Partial Tibet was tasted 1990 when Switzerland, Japan exhibits, get the recognition with extremely high group of international cultural relic.

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