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Dali gold amounts to a hotel (Golden Dali Hotel)

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Gold amounts to a hotel to be located in Dali town's bustling economy developing zone, all round industry of hotel, bazaar, meal, entertainment is bristly, north overlooks Er lake, cang Shan leans on the west, booking office of center of Na Lin railway station, civil aviaton and Hunan are big freeway, dali airport is apart from 15 minutes east car Cheng.
The hotel has more than 117 various and luxurious flatlet, flatlet, cell and standard guest room, own luxurious and villatic building, the room is sweet and capacious and comfortable, elegant, system of TV of available attune, satellite, music, automatic fire control all deserves to call the police inside the room the contemporary hotel facilities such as the system. The hotel has dining-room of many luxurious Chinese and Western and banqueting hall, provide dish of various China name and Western-style food. In addition, the hotel returns stock equipment of various auditoria, high quality seeing and hearing reachs all sorts of modern office facilities, have motorcade, it is the good place of business affairs activity.

Astral class: ★ ★ ★

Practice time: 1999
Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 12
Be apart from from Dali railway station (kilometer) : 15
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 1
Address: Dali leaves way of north of billow closing dark blue
Postcode: 671000

All round landscape: Supermarket of the people's livelihood, day is become sell greatly

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