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Guesthouse of the center austral Yu is located in road of aquamarine of Dali aquamarine village, er lake is overlooked east, cang Shan leans on the west, north looks at the door austral Dali ancient city, highway hides with another name for Yunnan Province south (214 countries) border on, traffic is convenient.
Guesthouse encloseds ground for growing trees south Yu, by level of international SamSung grade the design is built, it is house of civilian of the Bai nationality and characteristic gardens the garden guesthouse of perfect union. Be known as " poetic flavour habitat, garden of clever sweet amorous feelings " . Luxurious flatlet, family flatlet, husband and wife is set inside, wait between the standard. 52 rooms all set TV of phone of air conditioning, international direct dial, network, small public house, full automatic the contemporary establishment such as shower massage room. Hotel dining room accommodates 240 people repast at the same time. The curtilage of small and exquisite, chess card room, muti_function center of auditoria, business affairs, Department of Commerce, can provide excellent service for you. Health body center can make guest obtains overflow to enjoy, it is travel goes vacationing, recreational, conference, business affairs negotiates wait for place of ideal of of all kinds activity.
Guesthouse with beautiful environment, all ready function, the guest that considerate service gives everybody prep so far as and comes provides the home with one warm and easy part.

Astral class: ★ ★ ★

Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : Kilometer
Be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : Kilometer
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : Kilometer
Address: Dali encloseds ground for growing trees south Yu of road of ancient city aquamarine

All round landscape:

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