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Dali Jinxi guesthouse

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The hotel is located in Chong Shengsi inside 3 towers park, 1997 practice, decorated afresh 2001, the building is 2 tall, mutual cover between 139 guest room gross, the area between mark 24 - 37 smooth rice. Cadre of E Yunnan cultural relic grooms design, reflect Jin Xibin house to do human nature to convert a public house, do the service color of the home of tourist foreign land! Guest room sets the modernization such as Internet of DVD family movie theater, broadband, independent air conditioning to carry out. The chamberlain that adds meticulous in a subtle way serves, make you are experienced truly " " feeling. Guesthouse sets Jin Xi flatlet, administration flatlet, household flatlet, shopping supermarket, "Get together Xin source " dining-room, recreation of red house international is met water of place, Chun Xi art, large and medium-sized assembly room, muti_function club of bridal banqueting hall, Ma You, it is you enjoy the life, good place that begins business affairs!

Astral class: ★ ★ ★

20014 defend decorated practice 1997
Be apart from a railway station: 5 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 20 kilometers
The distance exhibits a center: 1 kilometer
Be apart from haven: 5 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 1 kilometer
Address: Yunnan province involves dragon brook way below Dali city 54
Postcode: 671000

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