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Cafe of 3 towers garden

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The Chong Shengsi that cafe of 3 towers garden reposes at be apart from to already had 1300 old histories today inside 3 towers park, be apart from Dali ancient city 1.5 kilometers, hill of back dark green, face Er sea, cover an area of a face to accumulate 23000 much square metre, it is the hotel of class of curtilage type SamSung with domestic not much number.
The structure style of the hotel and the photograph of avalokitesvara hall belfry inside 3 tower parks are consistent, for typical copy Tang Gongting is built group, the camellia inside the courtyard of ground of shop of pure and fresh, bluestone, cuckoo contends for elegance of environmental of primitive simplicity, air strange bottle colourful, as mutual as ancient Mu Cangsong set off, water of green jade of encircle of booth, stage, pavilion, a covered corridor or walk, little bridge bends a pool, strewn at random have send, dark green meadow, clear running water, true it may be said is the garden in garden. Place of hotel establishing a body shows revealed extraordinary, make the guest of China and foreign countries that comes from each district feels find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, relaxed and happy, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home.
The hotel sets a standard 139 are mixed luxurious flatlet 4, those who set to be able to hold 300 people is muti_function auditoria and dining room of pattern of Chinese and Western, set the support features of form a complete set. Be like: Card pulls OK, KTV to wrap ministry of center of card of room, sauna, chess, business affairs, commodity to wait, there are all sorts of fish to be able to be viewed and admire for guest inside curtilage fish pool additionally with go angling, and the water supply of water of dark green spring that uses pure Gan Tian entirely. Scene of hotel market nature, famous places and historical sites and contemporary enjoy for an organic whole, it is all sorts of conferences and travel lie fallow the superexcellent choice that go vacationing.
Practice was decorated 2001 1997
Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 30
Be apart from from Dali railway station (kilometer) : 15
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 1.5
All round landscape: Area of scene of sea wind of beauty spot of hill of cableway of hill of 3 towers park, dark green, dark green, Er
Detailed price books breakfast of price of room retail sales
Hang out one's shingle SamSung building (between primary average level) ¥ 460 pairs at an early date just a little 3456
Double early
Grant 4 stars floor (between original luxurious standard) ¥ 560 pairs at an early date just a little 3456
Double early
Just a little of day of 660 of 3 worlds ¥ 3456

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