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Go Dali accommodation has two kinds of choices, one kind is slow-witted be in next closing, live astral class hotel, close hotel of restaurant of hill of the famous public house that overflow a bay, dark green, Jin Da to wait as follows, here is center of the politics of Dali, economy, travel recieves establishment to also be perfected relatively. Another kind lives namely Dali ancient city, the Bai nationality that there is a tradition here civilian house, gu Cheng protects a country a lot of private hotel on the road, hostel, it is civilian house rebuilds and become by old times, antique, have lasting appeal very much, self-help tourist stays the ethical culture that here can experience Dali better, the price of these hotel mostly 15 ~ 30 yuan / bed.
Knapsack passenger room is recommended
Youth hostel of international of Dali ancient city
Road of humanitarian of Dali ancient city 181. Distance Dali station 13 kilometers, can take 8 4, buses to get off in jade Er road arrive namely. Between two-men mark (take toilet) 50 yuan of one evening, 2 worlds, 3 worlds bed of 15 yuan of / . Have TV, comfort station, public shower room (24 hours of hot water) , kitchen of self-help washhouse, self-help, hire bicycle 10 yuan of / are big. Still can buy on sb's behalf ticket of airline ticket, car, cableway ticket (go Cang Shan, feeling connects a temple) .
Cang Er civilian resides hotel
By the side of the city wall of Dali ancient city, arrive from hotel jade Er road only 300 meters, to Gu Chengyang person street takes 2 cars, 5 horn money is done calm, if bubble bubble arrives too late, do not have a bus, can call ask a boss to receive you. Merchant is surnamed poplar, enthusiasm is hospitable, and the boss' daughter is a tourist guide, can help you get dozen of tourist attraction entrance ticket that lose!
Hotel of the four seasons
Dali Gu Chengbo loves a way, much world 10 ~ 30 yuan / person, have TV, bar, can get online freely, still can look umbriferous.
Clear heart court
The Lufukangli such as Dali Gu Chengping 36, with adjacent of photograph of cathedral of superintend and director of inside of boreal door city, civilian of the Bai nationality resides the minority that Dali puts only, court of primitive simplicity is refined.
3 friendly hotel
Road of document of Dali ancient city 1, have dining room, can get online freely, still a lot of books and DVD can look.
Yu installs garden
The Lu Xiduan that protect a country, have an old court, get online freely, day of / of rental bicycle 10.
Answer spring and
Street of foreigner of Dali ancient city 109, be a model " 3 lane one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " hotel of type of court of the Bai nationality.
MCA hotel
Be located in the document road of Gu Chengna a tower over a city gate, from south a tower over a city gate walks 8 minutes or so to be able to arrive. House price from 30 ~ 300 yuan differ, also have the bed of the person of 10 yuan of / that the person that it is budget traveling technically, student offers.
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