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Dance of the interest that build ladder celebrates peace

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Cent of the Yi nationality of Er source churchyard is “ dried meat collect Nuo of ” , “ revive ” is two big. “ dried meat collect ” basically greens jade in Zi the big Song Dian of countryside, big Song Ping two villages public place. “ Nuo revive ” basically distributings it is at the beginning of and other places of puddling, tall hind, west hill, 50 time one belt migrates and come from size cool hill, total population of two the Yi nationality that support a department add up to 8627 people.
Singing and dancing is one of life of the Yi nationality serious content, can the feature that dance of song be apt to is its culture respect, rich and colorful of form of its singing and dancing, song has ” of song of custom of ” of ” of “ love song, “ Yao Ge, “ . “ dried meat collect the opera that ” returns be in harmony to collect the Bai nationality, achieved “ to blow antrum play ” oneself, and “ Nuo revive ” builds be good at of ladder dance ” with “ . “ builds ladder dance ” to 72 kinds jump law, dance movement jumps basically with stamp one's foot, fold a foot to jump give priority to, personnel is not restricted, formation variation is complex, range is bigger, or into circuit, or into inclined platoon, or into hemicycle, the form still is the dance side Bian Ge, also have the person that get dance, accompany with musical instrument of calabash sheng, month or noisy disdain, it is from amusement sex group dancing treads, basically be to be when the festival is festival, the ground chooses the show side the hillside in square, evener expanse or igneous pond, with annual the traditional Chinese calendar on June 24 during ” of “ link division blame very.
“ Nuo revive dozen of song of ” person (the dance that build ladder) lively and enthusiastic, go straight towards radiative affection. Male dance person “ hero hair worn in a bun or coil is hit on the head ”(common calls “ day a term applied to a kindhearted person ”) , wear “ examine ear to cover with tiles ” wraps around felt, pants of much plait wide length of foot, female dance person gorgeous 100 plait skirt turns as formation v, rise and fall have send, appear straightforward and strong, expert chicly, building a kind high-spirited up, the atmosphere of festival joy, circumfuse is worn the breath with bold and generous self-confidence, strenuous solidarity, showing the mental scene that people of the Yi nationality goes all out in work bravely.

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