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Exchange of the day and night on the village child

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6 instruct wind smoke is strong downy, white home sister laughs at smile. Joyous song laughs language be filled with boorish, sing Yue Xintian more.
The village on the village of Feng Yu the Bai nationality below hill of collect level ground, call Bai Wangzhuang in ancient times. Over there hill Qing Shuixiu, crisscross paths on a farmland, little bridge running water, greenery sets off one another. From Luo Ping Shansenlinli flows drip two water that give, taking haggard, circle village cataract, it is clear in that way and bright, call this spring when Nanzhao “ very water ” . No wonder white king should be built over in those days be away for the summer holidays mountain villa, drink “ very water ” cultivate one's morality raises a gender. Gorge of the hillside grazing on the village, beautiful peak still leaves those who have Bai Wang to put ovine herd Ma Shangu. As it is said, domestic animals of horse of sheep of buying and selling of white in those days king and nonlocal travelling merchant, need not count a number, drive a quantity to the sheep medicinal material, piece goods is exchanged by the area in the valley. In this hill Gao Shui grows, village of the Bai nationality on the village with honest folkway. Teem with folk song since ancient times.
Everyday, the gang of group of groups of small girl on the village puts bovine shepherd to valley of collect level ground, or in Lin Zhongge grass picks up bacterium, or work is done in terraced fields, always be music does not leave an opening. Come out blast a rising and falling and euphonic folk song these canzonet, white music are genuine love song. They are chanted sing love, tone door is sodorous. The analogy is apt, the watch shows burning the real situation. When singing, always the men and women is antistrophic, male a paragraph of begin, female a paragraph of ending, sometimes one asking and the other answering, loud singing is pleasant.
Singing in antiphonal style of the Bai nationality is in what this hill fertilizer arises in the peaceful environment of water beauty namely on the village, by tens of thousands head number is incomputable also. In the ocean of this folk song, girls drive flocks and herds into deep brushwood in, groups herd horse is small people the great waves that also riding Ma Zou to take love song, aquatic fat, love song is dense like aquatic also growing.
Singing in antiphonal style of the young men and women on the village, complete by face a play, extemporaneous make up achieve, extemporaneous sing, those who sing is work of daily life, production, ideal pursuit, happy love. Their singing in antiphonal style compares metrical and figure, beautiful freely, everybody likes to sing, each likes to listen. Whenever the festival is festival or activity of village theatrical performance given on religious festivals in old times, young men and women is the song does not leave an opening more, it is by the side of bamboo hedge wall, in pond bank. In the orchard, sing a cadence maly to lose the past, sing a cadence femaly to swing, the village has a lot of old people to be able to be played oneself sing oneself.
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