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White crane is volant Zhu Jixiang

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In the village of the Bai nationality of Er Hai Zhiyuan, ethical folk dance very rich and colorful. Came 100000, people of the Bai nationality is in the fight with natural disaster, in the manufacturing work of the fight the nature, while innovation goes corporeal civilization, also create the ethical culture that went out to have distinguishing feature, folk dance of the Bai nationality " white crane dance " want an ox in primitive dancing namely, make fun of a horse, make fun of a mussel, make fun of the development on the foundation such as the fish to rise, perfect stage by stage rise.
The folk dance of the Bai nationality that is versed in by article of Er source county the team arranges creation to go out " white crane dance " , in October 1980, make fun of state seat of government, provincial capital all the way from Er source, went up Beijing, have the honor to win culture ministry, country civilian appoint joint performance of issued folk dance of minority of “ whole nation is excellent award ” .
When show of white crane dance, cut detailed list to plunge into with calico make crane of a become known, the performance is operated inside by actor getting. In order to comb feather, forage, search companion, dancing, companion of old longlived person performs Jiashangyi, reflect white crane longlived person adequately the implied meaning of bumper harvest of An Tai of exultant, the year's harvest, food crops, good fortune as one wishes.
To disentomb further the culture connotation of ” of dance of “ white crane, recently, prefectural article is versed in the team is on the foundation of ” of dance of “ white crane, machine enlarge look, when gold of white crane of platoon show “ spends dance ” , act, use 4 or neat dance of 8 white crane, name or 10 6 gold spend a girl, the waist covers lotus lamp, be a dancing partner with white crane, mix in large and literary performance aptly show of square celebration activity, built more festival and lively atmosphere, reflected the theme of the land yields good harvests and the people enjoy good health, get wide audience praise.
Gold of “ white crane spends dance ” to participate in city, province to concern large and literary show for many times, attended the '99 international in island of double corridor amorous feelings cross-country challenge is literary show.

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