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Acting generation of west hill folk song is sung

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Village of the Bai nationality scatters in high mountain ridges, far see the natural landscape that is like a colorfulness.
People of the Bai nationality of Er source west hill is laborious and brave, all-round, not only created rich corporeal wealth, also created bright folk literature art, the west hill is known as the countryside ” of folk song of “ of the Bai nationality.
Ethereal star is incomputable, west hill folk song is not sung.
The fifties, I live in “ to sing noisy Yunnan in the folk song of beautiful the Bai nationality of ” of west hill area, sing Beijing. The everybody of men and women of the west hill can sing the west hill some tone, one person can sing thousands of, some singers are antistrophic a few days of a few night are sung do not rest. Group of pardonable some collect folk songs listens to the west hill say after the song: The note of “ west hill is really much, record tape to want to be installed with a bamboo basket, carry on the back with the horse also be not carried on the back! ”
In the west hill, baby of 56 years old can call note, the boy won't sing west hill attune to cannot find son's wife. The girl won't sing west hill attune to also cannot discover husband's family, a lot of youths show singing in antiphonal style to sing tune understand one another, deepen feeling, final form to be husband and wife. 1956, the person such as the Li Xinghua of group of collect folk songs of central folk literature, Tao Yang arrives west hill collect folk songs, from A 8, the one person of singer such as Li Jiufu sings thousands of for them.
West hill folk song has grace of emerald green overlapping, lively interest, also benefit also, the flower on the flower, 4 bite 36 head vowel such as hum, sing a cadence to want one musical sound after all. If antistrophic when change charm to be defeated namely.
The content that the west hill moves has whencing feeling story of life of marriage, production, hero, ideal pursuit, fight the nature. From ethereal sun, moon, star, whats sing insect of animal of the river of mountains and rivers-land that cloud goes to the ground to go up, arboreous flowers and plants, black.
Pour into wears folk song of west hill the Bai nationality the love of west hill people and hate, joy and sadness, express desire of their thought, feeling, volition, became the closest partner in their cultural life.

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