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The wedding of the Va nationality

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The wedding of the Va nationality is held in after autumn commonly, the ceremony is simple and plain.

The courtship of boy of the Va nationality is enthusiastic and bold, after the person oen is in love with of boy settle on, want to search an opportunity to seize the girl's necklace or bracelet adornment. Although the girl that be grabbed loves that boy very much in the heart, also want to cry to shout greatly, feign makes revolt. People says this kind of custom for “ distinctive like that wooden ” .

After the boy divests the girl's adornment, if the girl is not asked for inside 29 days, be equal to accepted courtship, bilateral can report parents augur gets married.

Bridal the first day, the person that both sides of male and female asks this stockaded village severally is excellent in eat wine meal; The following day, the man sends betrothal gift to the bride's side; The 3rd day, the man greets the bride return. Whole process is concise and agile, show the folkway public feeling of Chinese hackberrya of hostage of the Va nationality. After marriage, had met pass a part, husband and wife two must take on two hang the bride's side of two packets of two pails of the flesh, wine, Xie Hui to pay a New Year call. Gift must even numbers. When the bride's side of the farewell after 3 years, the bride's side can choose gift a half to hand in husband to bring back.

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