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Cover crosses bovine market the Yi nationality and wine

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“ the Han people is with tea respect, yi afterbirth is with wine honour. ” drinks is to live in Gao Hai to unplug a mountainous area Yi family is drive cold and the habit that form, wine already pervaded the square respect aspect that bovine market the Yi nationality lives.

Live in the cover with sad a mountainous area prison to cross the Yi nationality of prefectural cattle market, wine has special place in their daily life. They think: “ has alcoholic drink is a banquet, do not become place without wine. Whenever ” has a guest to call in, without act according to smoke to make tea the common that entertain a guest, have the manners of the Jingke that pass alcoholic drink however. Propose a toast when offerring a customer, begin from old person or elder first. They say: “ wine is a respectful form of address for an old person, the flesh is small youth. The Yi family here always is scrupulouslying abide by “ to turn over cropland to plow the ground piously by fall and go up, drink the fine wind beautiful common of ” of from the top down eating the meat.

The Yi nationality is the nation of enthusiastic bold and unconstrained. All through the ages of afterbirth of Yi of sad prison hill is hospitable, genuinely and sincerely of their urge sb to drink. , an absolute sincerity. Have adage cloud: The route that be illogical did not take on “ ground, jiang He did not shed the water that does not take, went to Home Yi to did not miss drunk wine! ” guest should follow host one case by capacity for liquor to one's heart's content drink. If declines receive wine, have do not suffer Jing Zhi to disrelish, be considered as your regard sb as an outsider, host can see the guest when alien.

Common of Niu Jie Yi proposes a toast with the girl for expensive, no matter what circumstance, if the girl proposes a toast, the person that be respected must not refuse, should quaff, the farewell after drink gives a dot little gift, common calls “ girl wine ” .

Person of Niu Jie Yi likes compotation, need not dish also can drink a guest and host to one's heart's content. When drink, a few people sit into circuit round agelong and eternal fire altar, need not goblet, one person is holding wine world in the arms to be drunk by turns readily, say “ turns wine ” . If use goblet, begin from better, from left to right, one person does not get bye one cup, call wine of “ cup cup ” .

Men and women of youth of local the Yi nationality is intermediary with the song, the bosom friend is in love, ceremony of world of liberal Yu Su, they often decide with wine illicit lifelong: Lin Li is cultivated in the pine of the appointment that play a song, home Yi boy gives sweetheart the rice wine that leaf of a packet of banana is including, express to propose. If the girl is accepted, express to agree. In pairs sits on pine needle leaf to be the same as drink, say “ eats ” of loose wool wine. After man parents is witting, hold go-between in the palm to go to girl home fulfilling “ 3 times 9 turn of ” propose program, in order to show discreet.
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