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The congratulate bridal chamber of other people of the Yi nationality is consuet

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Be in area of the Yi nationality, house of lid having a house is life one of 3 important matters, also be about naturally to hold grand and lively ceremony, congratulate a song by ceremonial process chant even.

The bridal chamber that build a shell should pick an auspicious day first foot of stone of build by laying bricks or stones of day start building, a few months are separated after stone foot step is good (some places should be lain between 2 to 3 years, the Yi nationality call this paragraph of time rest wall) just pick an auspicious day day start working is built. Want to sing congratulant song in build. Congratulant song is mixed by ” of song of “ upper beam two parts comprise ” of mouth of “ Feng Long, part to be sung in different time chant by carpenter master. ” of song of “ upper beam should be in upper beam when sing. In the suona horn in one clique joy, gong and drum and the joyous sound that come round to congratulate, the carpenter master body of ” of “ control ink stick hangs a red variety, had received host to give the bright red cock that go up, one progress gives central room, sing at the same time: “ hand lifts a Jin Fenghuang, host comes now upper beam, bridal chamber builds dragon palace model, happy life ten thousand years is long. He sings ” to had climbed scaffold in people congratulation sound at the same time at the same time, ascend the “ balcony ” that uses two center pillar to be put up temporarily, each are done obeisance to in north and south of look out thing, sing loudly again: A bit bibcock of “ gives a student, dragon end went up to the sky at 2 o'clock front courtyard, dragon body established scope of operation at 3 o'clock, at 4 o'clock every years old of year old good the year's harvest, acting at 5 o'clock generation gives good person. ” his singing just fell, the ” of “ Liang Tou that sees two slimy carpentry masters raise an incarnadine from the courtyard only goes, two people edge walks along an edge to sing: The bridge in the Lianghao in the bridge in “ , you become tree king in hill, master and festival build Jin Wu, ask me to choose you to do crossbeam”. Sing, ” of “ Liang Tou advertises the lively “ dragon since achieve to go up to the sky in suona horn, gong in ” music sound, arrived along scaffold on “ balcony ” . Pass as joyous music, ablaze firecracker noise, cheer in people in the congratulant sound of caper, two people take big wood hammer into shape respectively, give directions in leading carpenter master below, knock at the same time sing at the same time: “ right is knocked 3 times, host sends flourishing greatly; Left is knocked 3 times, houseful gives birth to golden light. ”

Subsequently, the master of ” of “ control ink stick catching host gives the cake of rice of a bamboo basket of one big disdain that go up the cake and candy, coin guest “ that before mounting Liang Tou whereaboutldirection, will attend congratulate loses cake cake ” , losing what cake cake pursues is happy gas, for the sake of adding the lively atmosphere of upper beam occasion. See he is in ground of sufficient skip of dance of begin of “ balcony ” to sing only: The crossbeam on upper beam of “ upper beam, cake cake loses everybody to grab, you contend for me to grab a graph lively, adult child likes ” . Subsequently, master of ” of “ control ink stick faces chant of 5 azimuth in southeast northwest respectively odic, lose cake. At this moment, everybody grabs the Bacchic sound of cake cake, build bridal chamber ceremony to push to the climax. The person that some places can call is sung a paragraph big, some sings a host to do poineering work, the hardship of house of lid having a house, how does master of the carpenter in building cherish material, manage like where again on the technology.
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