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Of the Yi nationality " send " the singer is consuetudinary

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Masses of the Yi nationality can dance of song be apt to, when holding wedding especially, it is to cannot leave a singer more, because wedding of this Home Yi is,be to end from the beginning in “ song ” undertake. And in acknowledge these singers, want to send some of goods and materials or monetary reward, in order to express master sincerity and the acknowledgment to them.

In the masses of a few the Yi nationality that always makes the same score churchyard, thank these singers need not article, need not gold, just use singing to reward. The masses of the Yi nationality of a few places, want to the family holds wedding only, the singers around can happen to coincide the ground comes to congratulate with singing and dancing, sound of singing and dancing connects night until dawn all the time. The following day, the sun that rises at the beginning of prep against, when singers want return to return him home, host walks out of a door, the station is being sung loudly aside oneself are extemporaneous the song of “ creation ” moves send off their start off, sing the song of such content commonly: Thank you, thank you, thanked you to sing the one song in the evening, thanked you to jump the one dance in the evening, you were stepping dawn to go oh, leave the song that does not take to us. The camellia of our fetch fragrance, the song that our day resembles you oh, our life is just like your dance.

Some local host are sung be full of emotive " attune sending a song " , this “ sends a song to move ” to be permeated with host the appreciate sentiment to singers, and still sing at the same time be reluctant to part with singers at the same time greet sb, make this distinctive and affectionate, of old culture consuetudinary be full of like the song passion and sweet.

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