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Begin or resume a meat diet

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Begin or resume a meat diet is to live between each nation that always makes the same score churchyard all relatively a life of fashionable is consuetudinary.

Await when it is certain that newborn baby grows (some 100 days, 6 4 some months or 5 months, months) , be about to hold ceremony of begin or resume a meat diet.

At the appointed time, master home wants equipment good wine, food, bring the old person of sainted, dip in with the chopstick bit of wine and dish wipe infantile lip to go up, the edge wipes an edge to say some of auspicious word, be like: “ has bit of alcoholic drink, everlasting; Have bit of oil, wear damask silken; Eat bit of meat, much Fu Duoshou; Eat bit of meal, penates 10 thousand be linked together. ” finishs talking, give a child a bit gratuity again, express congratulation. From now on, the child can have a meal at will, dish.

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