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Interest of marriage of the Bai nationality is strong

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Er source the Bai nationality is executed a group of things with common features outside marriage, monogamy, after brothers gets married, some lives apart, parents lives from the youngest son more commonly, have like femaly to enrol go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married alone, male come to female family belongs husband.
Youth of the Bai nationality compares freedom before marriage of male and female, it is free love commonly, or know by go-between pull wires, sweethearts is concluded after understand one another, both sides of male and female interacts through period of time, some is through knot of ” of “ singing in antiphonal style know already. After both sides decides marriage smoke concerns basically, tell father and mother, classics parents is approbated, man home asks ground of one go-between be perfectly justifiable to carry a gift to propose to woman home, want ” of “ birthday character 8 first. After each respect circumstance is basic and satisfactory, go up the 2nd times ” of formal “ kowtow orders woman home close, some calls “ to eat wedding feast ” , “ order accurate ” . The man when be engaged should pick an auspicious day day, send betrothal gift to woman home, have a cock, wedding feast two bottles, outside cake of candy, tea, salt, noodle, Pa, add hoof of a pig arm, cloth, headgear additionally, order bridal money, should take “ 6 ” eaves, meaning in have Fu Youlu. The one pedestrian that man home is engaged reachs woman home gate mouth, nod a firecracker first, after woman home has served tea meal, the boy delivers cigarette, go-between deferentially one round to grow generation and one's purpose in coming of close kin explain to woman family to woman home everybody. Come down marriage formally certainly. In the meantime, groups small with the girl even each other gives a gift, be like partner child send a girl a watch or jade bracelet, the girl sends groups of small close russet sweater and embroider towel, insole.
Marry manage a wedding this day, want to pick lucky day, general even-numbered days, the ceremony is very grand. Greet close head day to call “ to step on canopy ” , call “ to eat unripe meal ” again, home of this day of man wants dotal carry woman home, to woman father and mother each send a clothing; Woman home blows suona horn, sing blow play tune, straight recreation arrives day break. Be fond of the following day taking by ” of man home Premier “ bridegroom and accompany man to be greeted to woman home close. The bride puts on red dress, after dress and make up dresses up, cry fasten parental sibling, the suona horn when going out blows “ to greet ” kissing tone simultaneously, all the way suona horn sound, droll sound interweaves together, compeer edge walks along an edge to scatter meter of flower to the bride, still often clutch bride states “ blesses ” . After greeting excellent door, hold first marry celebration, do obeisance to heaven and earth, bai Gaotang, husband and wife is right do obeisance to, send bridal chamber, when entering bridal chamber, bridegroom bride should sit in the head of a bed first, who sits first go to bed states who is n/COL the head of a family, if bridegroom bride sits to the bed simultaneously, adumbrative equality of husband and wife will get along henceforth, each other respects each other love. Drink then make a cup of wine. Hold get married ceremony, the Bai nationality of man family expenses guest of 8 bowls of big great dinners. Still have in the evening identify close ceremony, elder meets to the bride money. Compeer people be troubled by bridal chamber, bit of hot pepper face is put on the brazier when be troubled by bridal chamber, express to jump over hot closer, the bride takes out the happy fruit that brings from a married woman's parents' home, the plum that stew, vulture plum, confiture, edge josh eats by the side of everybody, till the late night.
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