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Interest of marriage of the Bai nationality is strong

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It is new son's wife answers the door the following day, rise in the morning ask ” of woman of “ dress and make up to be hit to dress and make up of new son's wife clap, insert on the head on silk fabric Hua Hezan, had eaten breakfast and bridegroom to answer a married woman's parents' home to send rice cake, happy event fruit together.
Day of the first market after marrying, new son's wife should drive new market, buy firewood, take action money to take the idea of treasure; The 2 fish that buy delicacy, take annual and superabundant idea. Drive new market to buy the defray of case-dough of Qian Youxin's woman of dish, dinner does “ to thank ” of a meal specially prepared for visitors at a canteen into hutch by the bride, 3 kissed 6 relative to eat dinner to just come home severally.

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