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Flourishing age of song of dragon lion joyous dance

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The Bai nationality is can the nation of dance of song be apt to, village of Er source the Bai nationality, ground of an outstanding personality is clever, since fast ancient “ steps song ” , arrived the Christian era after 8 centuries, musical dance had remarkable development. When Nanzhao king phoenix gal different returns from Tang Huang face when, brought back Tang Huang emperor to give the “ chelonian of Nanzhao ” of at present band, feng Shengle ” also goes to the “ Nanzhao of Nanzhao on invitation Gong Tingli performs Tang Chao. In the meantime, the ” of “ lion dance of Nanzhao also passes into Central Plains, the music that abounded the motherland together with the ” of “ dragon lantern of Central Plains, dancing is artistic.
Make rich according to Tang Lide " Li Wenrao collect " carry: “ Tangtai mixes 3 years (day of the Christian era 29 years) , Nanzhao arms attacks Chengdu, sweep past 9000 people to return in all, have man of poetic dram set to music among them two people. ” this kind of poetic dram set to music makes fun of with respect to the exorcise that is at that time.
Yuan Wenzhang justing poem says ” of “ fire section: Doubt lights burns yuan of night, exorcise of whose stuff native place drew up to Bai Man …… area of the Bai nationality, the night of link division appeared the singing and dancing of countryside person exorcise is Thespian activity. According to " Qiao Houzhi " carry: …… of temple of the king after “ tall is self-invited ancient compasses, it is fulfil god with drama of oxen and hores-beeasts of burden. ”" Feng Yu annals " carry:
“ does not provide the long-standing of activity making fun of an ox of characteristic, grow fry end every year, should hold royal joy: ' of ' Tian Jiale, in order to sing fishing, firewood, agrarian, read ……” in these performance activities, have the exorcise play part that takes veil.
Dance of lamp of dragon lantern of Er source be current, lion, the performance of as much as dragon lion dance of the other place drama giving exorcise, no matter perform dragon lantern or lion lamp. Have a big bonze () of old longlived person, wear veil, hold bastinado of red silken lever or horsetail whip, tease dragon lion enters performance, old longlived person is amiable smile forever, dragon lion still has girl of the Bai nationality to be a dancing partner in lamp performance.
Establish dragon lantern group. By body of bibcock, dragon (have 18 commonly or 32) , composition of dragon end join, lift Long Jie by fellow of the Bai nationality or boy hand, in old longlived person big-leaf hydrangea guiding falls, accompany in suona horn gong and drum in sound, imposing manner enters vigorous and firmly performance, break up, vacate, change, swim. Agile freely, when wanting a climax, read aloud poetic congratulation even, dragon of “ of suona horn high play music goes up to the sky dance of ” lion lamp wants 2 people only, also one person is performed alone lion dance.
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