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Dancing fossil " in standard is high "

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One kind tall ” of the case in “ of dance of west hill of Er source the Bai nationality is men and women of youth of west hill the Bai nationality treads from amusement sex group dancing. Whenever festival or go close to string together the day with relative, festival marriage, young men and women can gather together jump happily tall ” of the case in “ , with the affection with expression, lively express.
Dancing of tall ” of the case in “ accompanies without music, go out by strong dancing rhythm foil enthusiastic and the dance movement that hires much appearance of rusticking atmosphere and change, have Gang Yourou, aid of firm soft posture, the bright-coloured and beautiful dress of the person that add dancing, of straightforward sheepskin A Chinese-style unlined garment, adornment bite chirp sound and dance person mirth sound interweaves together, give a person the enjoyment with primitive, plain, natural, harmony.
Jump when tall ” of the case in “ , parental children, husband and wife does not jump in same ballroom. Dancing content has 14 kinds of forms: One pace is brushed, 2 paces are brushed, 3 paces are brushed, 4 wintersweet, 5 child ascend division, Sa Yu to seize (hit face about) , Lao benefit Lao (in the future is retreated) , bite endowment think of 8 (lamb sucks the breast) , Wang Deer divinatory symbols (, the contest that surpass profit carries on his shoulder or back (wash clothes) (wash twine) , 5 calculate 7 poems (monkey rub twine) , double fried dough twist of odd fried dough twist, to white poem (gallinaceous peck) , wheat Sa is afraid of (equestrian photograph kicks) .
Range of dance movement of tall ” of the case in “ is bigger, and motivation falls in the foot again, ground of double foot stamp one's foot, stamp, brush the ground, jump change foot, the body as swing strongly the whirl of freely, have into have retreat, formation alternates each other, jump maly straightforwardly strong, female address and downy, each different its are interesting, bring out the best in each other, indication orchestic of primitive simplicity, strong and handsome.
Dance of tall ” of the case in “ returns jumpy content 12 belong to a movement, add sparrow hawk to turn over, monkey block sun two movements. Accordingly, tall ” of the case in “ of west hill dance is called stone of primitive orchestic activation, have far-reaching culture studies and inspect value.
With the Yi nationality of Bi of the Yun Long of adjacent of west hill photograph, overflow dance of left foot of Luo Wu a group of things with common features, be opposite li of standard is high have certain effect.

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