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The flower food of the Bai nationality

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The Bai nationality gets a name because of liking white, simple but elegant is person of the Bai nationality forever pursuit. Be this kind of pursuit, achievements the Bai nationality also goes after a kind of simple but elegant on food delicate, flower food is an establish at delicate to simple but elegant pursuit, should carry arose.
You come Dali or amuse oneself of area of other the Bai nationality, wind,flowers,snow and moon makes you stay to forget to return repeatedly, that flower food also can make you big full the luck to eat sth delicious and gastric blessing. The Bai nationality feeds a flower, older more traditional is white azalea, this flower is long in Cang Shan above of line of 2500 meters of altitude, azalea has white azalea and the branch of red azalea, red azalea is poisonous cannot eat, but flower is bright-coloured and clinking, can offer view and admire; And the azalea of that white resembles person of the Bai nationality same, simple but elegant and easy, fresh and tender and relaxed, it is superior flower food more.
Annual 3, April, the slush of the melt on Cang Shan, will whole big hill infiltrates commonly like halcyon, at this moment all over the mountains and plains Bai Dujuan is beautiful answer from time to time is put, a bamboo basket is carried on the back on the back, calling note of thick dialect of the Bai nationality, to hill gather comes that snow-white Bai Dujuan is beautiful, see that beautiful ocean, the science department that has abstract thinking only namely is unripe, regular also meeting lets you be intoxicated meantime. Collect a bamboo basket of one big back to come home come, and because the flower is too much, collect a bamboo basket of one big back also have more than is needed how many time, in that cheerful Hua Haizhong, still have the of great capacity of Cang Shan Er that is permeated with cadence of dialect of the Bai nationality between, collect more again namely a few, you won't feel too tired, can feel time passes too quickly only. Returned tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house, or 4 add up to 5 courtyard (tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house or the 4 civilian buildings that adding up to 5 courtyard is the Bai nationality, tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house is to point to on the west, south, the big tile-roofed house that north has 3 two layer buildings, and east it is one side it is a screen wall facing the gate of a house that the picture is engraving all sorts of design and character, abbreviation " tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " ; 4 adding up to 5 courtyard is to point to east, south, on the west, north has a house, surround is together, can surround into 14 intermediate clearing that are big drop, namely so called courtyard. 4 horn have 4 small vacant lot each again, adding in is 5 courtyard, abbreviation " 4 add up to 5 courtyard " ) in the courtyard, the stamen of eliminate white cuckoo, it is next in slush of crystal dark green hill, full is clean, through the boil of boiling water, immerse on 3 days 3 night, basically prevent toxic, drop does water share, can make all sorts of delicate cooked food. If them cool worked, in order to have " the guest comes from distance " when, take share with the guest, that ability conveys those who give pair of visitors to respect come. If like taste dense can fry eat, like delicate can stew with horsebean rice eat, na Ye is strong, let you pass several years to still be in continuously the aftertaste.
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