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Local color is distinctive " hot spring dish "

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Element of Er source county has autonomous prefecture of Dali the Bai nationality " hot spring city " say, element has: "10 lis of one soup, 5 lis of one spring " , natural resources of churchyard terrestrial heat is very substantial, for instance hot spring of 9 gas station belongs to sulfureous spring, average water is warm 76 ℃ , contain a lot ofthe microelement with a variety of good human body such as potassium, natrium, calcic, magnesian, iron, have physiotherapy effect to disease of the skin, rheumatism, abdomen and disease of department of gynaecology. More surprising is, still have here distinctive " hot spring dish " .
Hot spring egg, call gas sulphur the egg again, cook the egg 20 minutes into gauze bag, ripe take out namely, the characteristic of this egg is albumen submits tender beautiful form, and yoke is hard however, solid, liquid all is put, knock chorion, put divide evenly of white sugar agitate to be sucked by heat eat, its smell is fresh and tender and nice, it is true " nectar " .
Hot spring chicken, go to tender chicken Mao Xi is clean, dig go splanchnic, wipe the moisture on gallinaceous body with gauze, match with delicacy the spice such as silk of lardy, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese flowering quince, salt, put into the terrine, do not contain water, coal tub mouth is sealed, put hot spring to amount to 24 hours namely ripe, its characteristic: Gallinaceous flesh and blood is detached, fresh and tender sweet crisp, very goluptious. Match when the chicken that stew " 37 " , " Chinese caterpillar fungus " , " the tuber of elevated gastrodia " wait for rare Chinese traditional medicine, can make the medical canister chicken of filling gas of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Old people ate but rejuvenescent, prolong life.
Hot water lotus root, qualitative tender delicious, cold and dressed with sause, chop stews lotus root, egg to wrap lotus root, acid to bloat dish fries lotus root to wait have a way, in addition bright milk boils a fish, white Sha Jingshui cooks food of square name of the white and other places that plunge into the flesh. Be worth what carry is, famous the Bai nationality is raised orchid Mr Mingshi Mr Li Yinglong builds the whole nation's top-ranking green jade Long Lanyuan in edge of 9 gas station, domestic and international love orchid person be tasted in succession before Muming orchid, admire orchid, buy orchid.
Hot spring is nature bestow, people uses powerful body of its dispel disease. Walk into hot spring city. You can feel relaxed, happy, hot spring is such tender feelings, seem amorous girl, give you attentive and care, it acts according to given delicate cate to resemble a " love dish " if your person is crazy if confuse, be personally on the scene, purified the heart, edify sentiment.

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