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Dali cate | Overflow Bi walnut

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Person wingceltis a gathering of things or people is in clear Dai Anwei " Heng Zhi of anxiety of sea of another name for Yunnan Province " in say:" Walnut is with overflow Bi river on, clutch of housing Bao Ke and broken. Clutch of housing Bao Ke and broken.. ? of Da of Piao of Dong of exhaust of Gua of  ㄏ divinatory symbols in order to teem with walnut celebrated. If you arrive,overflow Bi goes to be a guest in home of a mountainous area the Yi nationality, the traditional food walnut that they can use place certainly dips in honey will feast you. This is the food with sweet and expectorant, goluptious lung of a kind of embellish. Fruit of overflow Bi walnut big, carapace thin, clemency, flavour sweet, oil yield is high, it is one of export goods with my fundamental province. Overflow Bi is a mountainous area full channel full mountain range is fresh and green and dense walnut forest. Nuclear peach is brawny and forceful, have a lot of hundred years old tree. Smooth slope commune sends a group high to have peach tree of a nucleus, two meters are surrounded, if erect is built, cover an area of amount to half tall, produce per year walnut commonly more than 200 jins, but oil expression is close 70 jins. This cultivates " of king of walnut of the " that be called. Walnutmeat oil content is high, but oil expression, unripe ripe can eat. Dali takes traditional festal provision, be like the Yuanxiao of the Spring Festival, moon cake mid-autumn, make stuffing with overflow Bi walnutmeat, sweet fragile of one's own accord is sweet. Overflow Bi walnut also is a kind of gift that presents relatives and friends.

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