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Flowing water boils live fish

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Flowing water boils live fish, friend name is thought of justice, those who point to is to use flowing flowing water to boil living fish. Dali the Bai nationality eats a fish to pay attention to delicacy of water live fish. Fashionable boils the place of piscine method this kind, it is commonly before go up in fisher or in the village of Er seaside.
The method of the flowing water live fish that boil is: After waiting for the oily boil in boiler, enter flowing water toward the quick-boil in boiler (namely water of Er seawater, river or Jing Shuijun but) , after waiting for grease to boil, already will go branchial, scale draws out a abdomen bowel is sundry a fresh fish is incendiary inside boiler, put sourwood melon next piece, chili face, salt, bean curd, green, Jiang Pian, boil with fierce anger first after making its boiling, reoccupy slow fire is boiled slowly. Bowls the Cheng Ren after thoroughlying cook is big can edible.
Because the flowing water live fish that boil held former juice raw ingredient of the fish, cruelly oppress grow is tender exquisite, shang Weixian is hot sweet alcohol, nutrition is rich, become a when the Bai nationality entertains a guest delicate cate consequently. In recent years, as the development of tourism, on former preexistence fisher, ability of Er seaside village samples " flowing water boils live fish " , introduced scenery name to get the better of the cafeteria of the tourist attraction, restaurant. In Dali of the renown village wonderful scenery such as park of sea of spring of happy continent, Zhou Cheng, butterfly, Er in feeding a house, nonlocal tourist can have beauty of soup fresh fish " flowing water boils live fish " .

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