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Nuo Deng ham

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If the glue of woman of the Bai nationality with deft heart of cloud dragon county is made, Deng ham is Yunnan divide Xuan Wei ham, crane one of 3 names legs besides Qing Yuan leg, early advanced quiet period classics " southern the Silk Road " export the southeast Asia nation such as Burmese, India, Vietnam. Produce with Nuo Deng " boiler bottom salt " the road makes Nuo Deng flesh pledge fine, grease the pig hind leg with thin, much lean lean, it is bring out the best in each other really. A few does the cooked food that cooks with Nuo Deng ham have to plant, all good in color. Be like ham poached eggs legibly the simpliest, the Nuo Deng ham that a fat thin alternate with puts on soft-boiled egg is gotten in decoct, invert again decoct comes ham is ripe become namely, outside Jiao Li is tender. Colour and lustre is golden, aroma ooze is lienal, be " foreigner " shed Lian Yincang Yu Er most be fond of the cooked food that eat, food of name of no less than laws, meaning. Bit more complex if burn ham, will boil scoop up a skin to ripe and not sodden ham, wear go up in basin of millet charcoal fire on iron fork barbecue, the side side that bake is brushed with chicken feather dip in egg Qing Dynasty and the paste that horsebean pink moves at its surface, bake after showing yellow, brush again, such 3, will bake yellow ham to cut a code next dish. Of again and again bake, cut, decompose a ham into entirely eventually piece, dish in pile completely temporarily " gold " , pick up, leather crisp, the flesh is fat and not be bored with, flavour delicacy is sweet full-bodied, population changes broken bits, really magical also. Game home is made, wild boil of domestic meat and fish dishes.

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