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Dali cate: The palace cate with bizarre taste still is put

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Dali ever regarded the politics of southwest minority area, economy, culture as the center, to Dali country from Nanzhao country found a capital amounts to 571 years. In Nanzhao country prime, domain is vast, north touchs big Po, amount to south reach foot (jump over) of ministry of north and south today, border of Burmese, India reachs on the west, guizhou north and wide cc ministry are amounted to east. Actual strength is abundant, "Its Fu Yushu Lie " . The disastrous defeat that the 100 thousand main forces between Tang Dynasty Tian Baonian ask for Nanzhao to be completely annihilated and the " of " general temple that next closing that put today, " " of 10 thousand other peoples foiled at that time of Nanzhao powerful and prosperous. The historical culture that Nanzhao brights included the distinguishing feature of dietary culture. The Nanzhao palace that introduces from Mr Ma Weiyong 3 dish----Bloat fish of peltry, aspic, bloat one spot is seen in spiral shell.
"Feed unripe " , it is Dali the Bai nationality primitive food is consuetudinary, tang Dynasty Fan Chao is in " pretty book " renown " Yunnan annals " in already had account:" Duck of goose of hare of leopard of mulish ass of dog of pig sheep cat, block hill and family all up to have, but feed with in earth a bit different, boil of pretty prep before is ripe, all half a lifetime and those who feed. "Bloat peltry makes simple: Encourage " the flesh of essence of life that Hu overspreads? of  of Xue  ぶ to stand by skin, because pass baked wheaten cake, actual already half ripe) , cut paper-thin piece, with oil of the plum that stew, mashed garlic, Chinese prickly ash, hot pepper oil, sesame oil, coriander, ginger juice, shallot, peppery etc allocate dip in water dips in eat. It is with dipping in the modulation level of water and flavor are actually first, also what line goes the meat is fresh and tender, faint the tenacity mouthfeel that has pigskin. The garlic in spice, Jiang Zhideng has the antiseptic effect of certain level.  
" of fish of aspic of " of dish of Nanzhao palace name, take home of person common common people already, already was famed now remove way. Its make a method is to pick the 229 heavy fresh fish with marine Er, go scale, branchial, splanchnic, abluent air boiled water is angry, next boiler fizzle out with balm decoct, boiling water is added when boiling, put the spice such as face of vinegar of soy, Chinese flowering quince, refined salt, chili, Chinese prickly ash, green, ginger, brown sugar. Boil to flavour merman, Shang Shounong, inside Cheng Ren big soup bowl, park cool department is natural and refrigerant (come in after autumn commonly the nature before second year March is refrigerant) . When eat of next daily expense, in dish in join genu dish, coriander to wait, buckle fish of the aspic in the bowl dish can go up banquet. Delicacy of this food market, hot, sweet, cool it is a dish, dainty Hua Shuang, cool and do not put on the ice, color is patted like bluff, the entrance is changed namely. Clever freeze thick, lubricious beauty, naturally in fish and shellfish as food, flavour. Dali year average air temperature is controlled in 15 ℃ , climate slightly tall when, can fill the fish that has cooked in the bowl, inside park pail, in hanging pail enlarge well towards evening. Via dropping in temperature naturally overnight, namely adult fish freezes. Dish gives royal court, the history is ages ago, therein flavor from not common.  
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