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Dali travels, dish of head of the Huang Shu that fry snail fries ham

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The dish that cultivate a head is Bi of Dali city overflow, always smooth, Yun Long, crane is celebrated etc the county is a mountainous area a kind of when produce feral dish. Appearance is like Chinese toon, the umbrella shape tender needle that is a kind of arbor that prick a cane, corpulent and fresh and tender, pluck in spring more commonly edible. The making method that establishs head dish to fry ham goes easily simply. Use the food that cultivate a head boiling water dip to iron above all go its suffer from juice, after full is mincing, add ham, egg to mix fry can edible, its flavour delicacy is sweet, summary belt is agonized, have the sanitarian effect of clear hot detoxify.    
According to " products of · of annals of Nantong of new bun cloud takes an examination of " carry: "River snail... get rid of of its end yellow, snail of name of another name for Yunnan Province is yellow. But person soup food, delicious. " snail yellow nutrition is rich, it is people of the Bai nationality of area of Dali Er sea the good food that entertain a guest. Its feed law diversity, can boil soup to feed, aspic is fed, fry feed. And what have distinguishing feature most is to fry feed, be about to after yellow full of fresh spiral shell is clean, with ham one detonate fries moment can, give the ham snail yellow of boiler right now. Beautiful of all of sweet, flavour, feed let a person be profuse in praise.

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