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A few kinds of gust that Dali crane celebrates are fastfood

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The crane celebrates male wine
The crane is celebrated famous 3 treasure, vinegar of anhydride of ham, male wine, pig, this is child young the common sense that all knows.
The crane celebrates male wine past history, there still is a paragraph to have the story of legend colour and mysterious meaning charm quite in folk, this wine is Qianlong allegedly old south lower reaches of the Changjiang River that streak, be in after late banquet, after tasting a crane to celebrate producing Xi Longtan wine, in feeling flavour is full-bodied, one kind cools the feeling of cold, time sweet in, have the faint scent of a kind of Shan Ye. Na Qianlong is old after tasting, click of the tongue is stationed in: "This is the beautiful wine with rare the world really, du Kang is alive, also will surely not make a so beautiful wine. " plant this then wine, drive is sealed for annual the articles of tribute of law court of pay intribute court, show tribute on time regularly. This wine name also took male wine, the meaning below character, the patent owner of this wine, with respect to him Qianlong is old.
This from OK also from what circulate in another name for Yunnan Province northwest takes: "Crane of cake of beautiful river cake celebrates wine, sword plain carpenter has everywhere. " in civilian folk song, get incoming test and verify. The crane celebrates wine to take be very famous gas in northwest of another name for Yunnan Province, can saying is widely known. And the crane celebrates famous ham, blow vinegar of anhydride of liver, pig... name spy food, it is to build watery wine is celebrated in the crane over, the delicate and nice place that they alone, also be the watery wine that the crane celebrates is made come out. Be come true really: "One party natural environment raises one party person " this civilian adage, also manage together so but evidence goes: One party watery wine also is made gave one party cate to come.
The food austral pasture
The these pure ham, native place that blows vinegar of anhydride of liver, pig, should head push a crane to celebrate dam child south southern pasture. Culture advocates quite namely since here place is ancient, celebrate in the crane have: "Na Wenbei fierce " say, the development of culture and accomplishment are paid attention to south pasture namely, and pasture north majority is given priority to with handicraft, the countryside of famous handicraft -- change ethical village newly, be in pasture north. It is just about below contented of this kind of deep culture dim glow of the setting sun, dietary respect is celebrated in distinctive crane, the woman austral pasture is had cannot small inspected main effect. They are in the alone place of dietary respect is, go after a kind careful, completely of the color of pure nature, sweet, flavour, already can health care, the food of characteristic high-quality goods that can satisfy a craving for delicious food again. Cultured is to use result of makings, knife and the perfect collocation of lubricious, sweet, flavour, pay attention to the furnishs assorted cold dishes vision effect when be being put into household utensils more. The embroidery that likes like them is same, must decorate them: "Safflower matchs greenery " euqally delicate harmony cannot.
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