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The Bai nationality is can the nation of dance of song be apt to, the history is long, culture develops quite, dali meaning has " document name state " say, it is famous city of culture of national level history, of Tang Chao south the Dali country of billabong, Song Dai ever was in this found a capital, continue 800 old, it is the center of Yunnan politics, economy, culture for a time. Dali is the scenery travel area that is like a name, stroke fawn on the Er sea of bright show is enchased it is between bit of Cang Shan and gallinaceous sufficient hill, element has " Yin Cangyu Er " say. Climate is friendly, land boat fertile, products is rich. The Bai nationality very be good at fragile make blast of ham, banger, Gong Yu, pork liver, oily chicken the food with the numerous breed such as sauce of Hui of tender, snail. Women can make mountain of plum of confiture, carve, dark green more the craft of Xue Wantian Mu. People of the Bai nationality is a hospitable nation, whenever the customer comes to invite seat of honour above all, dedicate namely the tea that bake, fruit, reoccupy delicate and big Mr Lai such as water of 8 big bowl, 3 cheese is xenial guest.
The acid of basic taste be addicted to of people of the Bai nationality, hot, sweet, small hemp. Law of its cook ability suffers dish of the Han nationality and effect of Buddhist temple dish deeper. Famous dish dot is very much, be like:  of bait of fan of the fish that fry pan, breast that wash sand, Dali, happy event continent defeats crisp candy action, flowing water to boil flesh of evaporate of live fish, wicker to wait.
The tea that bake is the Bai nationality respects a guest to eat one of convention. Thick flavour of boiled water color is drunk, having a unique style. The tea that bake is general pour 3, common says " 3 tea " . Have " head suffering, 2 sweet, 3 aftertastes " view. Beautiful plum, vulture plum is the traditional food of woman of the Bai nationality.
The cate of the Bai nationality of wind,flowers,snow and moon " 5 gold are spent " birthplace -- Dali, it is the ground of inhabit a region of the Bai nationality, element with " wind, flower, snow, month " 4 scene are celebrated. Sea of Cang Shan Er, nanzhao historic site, buddhist name hill, silk ancient course... it is your popular feeling gallop the tourist attraction of be charmed. As the history long " document name state " , dali still dedicated the cate of the Bai nationality like wind,flowers,snow and moon a variety of, a few to have very absolutely develop a school of one's own.
Head push " fish of Dali arenaceous boiler " , choose the very arenaceous boiler that auspicious cloud produces, fish of the Gong Yu that come, yellow carapace is caught in Er sea, or the carp adds rich and varied burden to stew make and become. Go up the with dish leaf matting grail gasket when banquet, the boil in boiler boils, wave Gong Yinglu, colour is flowery, faint scent is tangy. Take the advantage of hot edible, cruelly oppress grow tender, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich. The antecedents of this renown dish, according to legend at first anecdotical: A long time ago, dali city has a restaurant to be called " hill sea wineshop " , the business is very thriving. There is a poor hall look that is called Zhang Xiaosan in inn, have wealthy person everyday the dish of remnant, outfit go back in arenaceous boiler inner tube boil family to eat. A day, one rich business is big in inn banquet guest, remain the course such as some of holothurian, tendons of beef, squid, ham, dried mushrooms, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, zhang Xiaosan pulls them be responsible for a task unit until it is completed, eat arenaceous boiler completely, in bringing back the home. Happen to family catchs a fish from Er sea, he washs piscine analyse clean put into arenaceous boiler to be boiled together with ort, after family person eats, feel smell is delicious all the more and nice. Zhang Xiaosan suddenly see the light, did oneself monopolistic the restaurant of arenaceous boiler fish, the result sells gave a name, arenaceous boiler fish becomes the cate of gust of Dali the Bai nationality from now on. Of course, you are in Kunming now or Dali tastes the arenaceous boiler fish of savor, its fish is scooped up alive from stone crock or vitreous cistern not only make now, and the burden of full of beautiful things in eyes: Tender chicken piece, fresh sliced meat, ham piece, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, waist piece, liver piece, holothurian, squid, tendons of beef, each stay of proceedings, bean curd. Dumpling of heart of carrot, Chinese cabbage, egg is waited a moment, be not cold broil of incomplete a thick soup, however fresh and purificatory, such, just ensured of arenaceous boiler fish idiosyncratic -- bright. Because arenaceous boiler heat preservation is good, field of the delicacy after the desk rolls on, aroma diffuses, true the street, spirit that circle hill and enthusiastic atmosphere took banquet in March.
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